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We've been selling used books online since 1996. Discover millions of gently used second-hand books for sale from sellers around the world. By choosing to shop for used books, you can save money, be sustainable, support independent booksellers, and have access to an unbeatable selection of literature from the past. You can find novels, memoirs and autobiographies, cookery books, poetry, children's picture-books, textbooks, and hard-to-find out-of-print editions.

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If you love books and good deals, this is the place for you. Find millions of cheap books under £10 with free postage to the UK.

Four reasons to buy used books

Used books offer tremendous value for money to avid readers on a budget. With prices starting from £1 plus postage, AbeBooks customers never run out of reading material.
The used book business is one of the oldest forms of recycling. A book should have many owners during its lifetime. Be sustainable by building a collection of pre-owned used books
Andrea & Jordan Minter own Russell Books, one of Canada's biggest used bookstores. They began selling on AbeBooks in 1996. We're proud to support the seller community.
AbeBooks offers millions of second-hand books for sale in dozens of languages. Plus, our selection includes books on every genre and topic you can imagine.
As new, fine, very good, good... Second-hand booksellers use several terms and abbreviations to describe the condition of a used book. We've prepared a guide to help you find the book that's right for you, and understand exactly what the seller is offering.

A vast selection of used & vintage books

You can find thousands of vintage used Penguin paperbacks for sale on AbeBooks. Orange is the most famous colour but Penguin had a whole spectrum of colours to distinguish their books.
You can find a wide variety of vintage fiction from years gone by, including science fiction, fantasy, and crime from pioneering authors. These stylish used books represent another era of publishing.
Most books, aside from bestsellers, are are out-of-print. However, copies of these hard to find books can still be purchased thanks to our network of sellers which specialise in used and out-of-print titles.
Each year libraries around the world discard old editions and books that are rarely borrowed. These books find their way to our booksellers who list them for sale on our website.

These ex-library books are cheap and useful. They are often editions that are no longer in print. We are dedicated to ensuring these used books find new homes.

Meet four of our used booksellers

Thousands of used booksellers in 50 countries sell online with AbeBooks.
Moraine Books is a proudly Finnish bookselling company that’s dedicated to bringing Finland’s unique culture and literature to an international audience via used and antiquarian books.
Sam runs a used bookselling business called Three Geese in Flight Celtic Books, and he specializes in books about Arthurian and Celtic mythology as well as medieval and mythic literature.
Used bookseller Recyclivre has built a business around being sustainable and socially responsible. Founded in 2008, Recyclivre has eight locations in French cities to collect unwanted books.
In November 2021, the warehouse of Berwyn Books was destroyed by fire - 400,000 used books were lost. Within two months, a new business called the Berwyn Bookshop rose from the ashes.

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