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An out-of-print book is a book that is no longer being published. The vast majority of all books published since the invention of the Gutenberg Press are out-of-print. However, copies of out-of-print titles can still be purchased thanks to the used book business. Walk into any secondhand bookshop and you will discover countless out-of-print titles. The most famous out-of-print book of modern times is Madonna's Sex book. The author does not wish to republish the book so collectors are limited to the original editions.

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Out-of-print art & music books

By Glen Cleeton
By Hendrik Willem Van Loon

Out-of-print children's books

By Roald Dahl
By Marilyn Kaye
By Nan Gilbert
By Watty Piper

Out-of-print mysteries & thrillers

By Charles McCarry
By David Yallop
By Ben Ames Williams
By Frances Parkinson Keyes

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