A Tour of Tokyo's Bookshops

Welcome to Jimbocho, Japan's book paradise.

AbeBooks staffer Colin Laird recently indulged in some bookshop tourism, and found himself in the heart of Jimbocho, Tokyo's book district. From colourful shopfronts of wall-to-wall manga to purveyors of rare, literary antiquities, the printed word is alive, well, and right at your fingertips in Tokyo, Japan.

Read: The Publisher Who Saved Dr. Zhivago

Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

Dr. Zhivago is a classic novel and fascinating story. We didn't expect the tale behind it to be even more intriguing. From smuggling to sabotage, this book had both the KGB and CIA scrambling. See why a plain, blue cloth, Russian language edition sold for £7,500.

Fore-Edge Paintings: Beauty on the Edge

A collector displays a fore-edge painting.

In the 16th-century, artist Cesare Vecellio discovered that the fore-edge of a book was an empty surface waiting for beautification. Since then, countless artists have made their marks on the page-edges of every classic imaginable, a tradition still observed today.

50 Essential Graphic Novels

Fun Home by Alison Bechdel

While the term 'graphic novel' only entered common usage as recently as the 1970s, the form of heavily picture-based stories with text has actually existed since the 19th-century. And far from the superhero-laden ideas people might picture, this is real literature.

Novellas: Literature's Middle Child

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

More than a short story, yet less than a novel, too short to get bored, but long enough to get invested - some people think a novella is just the right size. From A Clockwork Orange to Breakfast at Tiffany's and beyond, these are some of the best novellas out there.