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What does a rare ornithology book have in common with a first edition of The Hobbit? They are one of our most expensive sales at AbeBooks. Browse the archives of our most expensive sales featuring old books, rare manuscripts and stunning art and collectibles.

11 October, 2023
A spectacular, 1,200 year old manuscript, iconic works by Oscar Wilde, T. S. Eliot, Aldous Huxley, and George Orwell, and more fantastic books sold by expert sellers.
05 July, 2023
Welcome to our most expensive sales in April, May and June 2023. Our list features illustrated books, signed books, autographs, original art, a manuscript, and a rare facsimile.
14 April, 2023
Our list includes a first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which became AbeBooks’ second most expensive sale of all time.
28 November, 2022
The list includes a book about Italian architecture and a landmark book about the stock market. There is also an illustrated poetry book and a famous novel about time travel.
03 October, 2022
Welcome to AbeBooks' most expensive sales from July to September 2022. Our list is dominated by fine art and includes an illustrated book of poetry, surreal lithographs, a new luxury art book, and a complete set of influential French art magazines.
11 July, 2022
Welcome to AbeBooks' most expensive sales of April, May and June 2022. Our list of rare and collectable items sold during this period includes rare books about architecture, stock trading, cocktails and the Sistine Chapel. We also sold a book about book burning with a fire-resistant binding.
07 April, 2022
Our list of rare and collectable items includes J.M. Barrie's famous fictional island, a study of Egyptian tarot, several iconic 20th century first editions and books that span the globe.
03 November, 2021
Discover AbeBooks' most expensive sales in 2021. This list includes a rare illustrated book from the Wild West containing a grim reminder that crime doesn’t pay, an autograph letter from a German author whose writing inspired one of the great ballets, and life advice from Yoko Ono.
15 June, 2021
Discover expensive sales featuring Roland Deschain's epic quest, Tom Sawyer and his fence, a mathematician, a mercenary in the New World, a queen consort of France, 007, and Isaac Newton.