This limited edition of Marc Chagall Monotypes 1961-1965 includes 167 entries, tipped-in color plates and black and white illustrations.

A limited edition book is one where the number of copies in the print run has been strictly defined prior to its issue, and that number is substantially less than a standard print run, and then no further print runs are issued after the first printing has sold out.

Limited editions can also be stand alone releases such as a novella or short story where the limited edition is the only time the author plans to release that work for purchase.  Alternately a limited edition may be published in conjunction with a standard print run with the limited edition containing additional features such as  better quality paper, extra illustrations, author signatures, different cover art, a slip case, or some other type of extra that is not normally included in a book from that author or publisher.

Things to Consider With Limited Editions:


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