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Happy Belated Birthday, Jane Austen

Janeites all over the world celebrated Jane Austen’s 238th birthday yesterday. After more than two centuries, interest in Jane shows no sign of waning. In addition to the new editions of her six novels that appear every year, sequels and prequels and conquels abound. Pride and Prejudice was retold in 2009 as a zombie mash-up in Seth […]

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Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

The debut episode of Doctor Who was first broadcast on the BBC at 5:15 p.m. on Saturday, 23 November 1963. That was fifty years ago, which may be just a blink of an eye to the good Doctor but I’m suddenly feeling very old. Intended as an educational family show about a time-travelling alien known simply as ‘the […]

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Library of Lost Books Opens in Birmingham

The Library of Lost Books, an exhibition of art works created from discarded library books, opened on 6 November as part of the opening festival for the new Library of Birmingham. In 2011, curator Susan Kruse, a Birmingham artist, salvaged 55 old, damaged books and music scores from the library’s discard bins, some of them […]

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Rare collection of Black Beauty author Anna Sewell letters discovered

The BBC reports a rare collection of letters signed by Black Beauty author Anna Sewell have been purchased by a local historian in Norfolk, Sewell’s home county. The letters, written between 1820 and 1860, were discovered on an internet auction site. Also included are letters written to Sewell from her family, as well as a […]

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