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Art canvases are normally associated with oil or watercolor paintings or with pastel, pen-and-ink, or charcoal drawings. However, canvas artwork also includes prints that are pulled and folded around wood stretchers for frameless borders. Many of these canvas art prints are known as giclee prints. These are high-quality digital reproductions from paintings, etchings, engravings, and other art forms using sophisticated inkjet printers that spray the ink onto canvas. The inks are archivally secure -- fade-resistant and moisture-repellent. The canvas, usually either cotton or polyester, allows the ink to penetrate at the right depth to give the prints more vibrancy and richness than normal printer paper can. The wood stretchers under frameless, unmatted giclee prints make them ideal for wall hanging, with their striking tones providing an unequivocal accent against wall colors or furnishings.

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