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AbeBooks is a global online marketplace for books, fine art, and collectables. We facilitate the sale of books, art, and collectables by connecting sellers with buyers all around the world. What are you waiting for? Sign up today and take the first steps to selling on AbeBooks!

Monthly fees starting at £17/month
As a seller on AbeBooks you describe, store, and ship your items yourself. You also set your own shipping rates and speeds.
As a seller on AbeBooks your items will automatically be listed on our six international platforms.

What can you sell with AbeBooks?

Selling with AbeBooks is easy. The first step is to create an AbeBooks account and complete the seller application. For a small monthly subscription fee, expose your inventory to millions of unique visitors a week with millions of searches for products every day.
11 June, 2021
Trusted independent sellers from around the world offer for sale curated rare books, first editions and collectable signed copies of your favourite book.
11 June, 2021
Find all of your textbooks including new and used editions, for back-to-school at affordable prices.
02 June, 2021
Browse a one-of-a-kind selection of unique items sold by professional sellers. Whatever your passion, AbeBooks offers the art & collectables to match it.
02 June, 2021
Explore a vast selection of physical maps, from contemporary maps to rare maps and vintage travel guides.
02 June, 2021
Explore a vast selection of comics, from the earliest newspaper comics to key issues from DC, Marvel and more.
02 June, 2021
Discover rare handwritten documents, ephemeral items including postcards and ticket stubs, all on AbeBooks.

How it Works

New Customers
AbeBooks helps you reach millions of potential customers
Sell Globally
Sell around the world, connect with customers anywhere
Free Tools
We provide a wide range of tools to help you sell
Seller Support
Our customer support team is dedicated to making selling easy

Featured sellers

26 May, 2022
Bookseller Sam Wenger runs a business called Three Geese in Flight Celtic Books, and he specialises in books about Arthurian and Celtic mythology as well as medieval and mythic literature. For decades, he’s been inspired by the work of J.R.R. Tolkien.
2 Min Read
03 March, 2022
Celebrate these rare bookselling businesses owned and operated by women. Discover how these booksellers launched their careers and their advice to young women wishing to enter antiquarian bookselling today.
13 Min Read
By Richard Davies
18 February, 2022
Antiquariat F. Neidhardt is an antiquarian bookselling business based in Böblingen, Germany. Fritz Neidhardt started the firm with a bookshop in Stuttgart in 1953. Today, Max Neidhardt, Fritz’s son, runs the business, which specialises in rare and illustrated books.
2 Min Read
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to sell on AbeBooks and how does AbeBooks pay me?
For a low monthly subscription fee, calculated based on the number of items you list with AbeBooks, your items will be listed worldwide and you are paid weekly via electronic funds transfer. Click here to find out more about how we pay you and the commission, subscription and external payment service fees.

More about fees, charges, and payments
How do I ship sales to customers?
On AbeBooks, you have the flexibility to set your own shipping rates and speeds. This unique feature ensures that you can always provide best value to your customers while tailoring shipping options to meet your needs.

More about Rates & Speeds
What information do I need to become a seller?
You will need the following information to complete the seller application:

  • Your contact information including the name of your business, a phone number, an address, and an email address.
  • Your credit card (for subscription fees)
  • Your bank information (to receive payments)
  • Your tax information (eg EIN, SSN, VAT, or GST)
  • A description of your business and the types of product you will offer.

More about becoming an AbeBooks seller
How do I manage my inventory?
During the application process, you will be asked to let us know how you plan to provide your item listings to AbeBooks. We can accept listings in a variety of formats, from almost any inventory management system.

  • Our Online Inventory Management System, ideal for sellers with only a few items to list
  • HomeBase, AbeBooks free inventory management software, with complete technical support for registered sellers
  • BookTrakker, BookHound, Art of Books, Monsoon, and other third-party inventory management systems
  • Directly from your custom spreadsheet or database program

More about API and FTPS options for large volume sellers

Selling on Abebooks

When you sell books online you do more than just ship an inanimate object across the country or the ocean. The customer on the other end may be returning to a fond childhood memory, earning a PhD, reuniting with an old friend, or remembering a loved one. From used books to rare books, old books to textbooks, AbeBooks gives you the ability to sell all types of books online. You can also take advantage of cross-channel purchasing and sell collectibles such as art, ephemera, maps, and comics on AbeBooks.

Founded in 1995, AbeBooks is an ecommerce pioneer with an established base of millions of customers. Whether you prefer typing out in-depth descriptions one at a time or using a barcode scanner to list items on AbeBooks, the services we provide, along with our exceptional Customer Support team, will help you optimize your online business.

As a seller on AbeBooks, you have myriad options to delight customers including the ability to offer free shipping, participate in our monthly sales, connect directly to discuss details, and provide your own descriptions and listing images.

If you have a few books to sell, including textbooks, learn more about our buyback service.

Sign up today for an AbeBooks account.