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What can you sell with AbeBooks?

Rare and Antiquarian

From first folios to signed first editions and ephemera, AbeBooks is the place to showcase your unique inventory to serious collectors.

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New and Used Trade

Millions of Customers search AbeBooks daily for new bestsellers, used classics and everything in between.

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Expose your textbook inventory to millions of students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to sell on AbeBooks and how does AbeBooks pay me?

For a low monthly subscription fee, calculated based on the number of books you list with AbeBooks, your books will be listed worldwide and you are paid weekly via electronic funds transfer. Click here to find out more about how we pay you and the commission, subscription and external payment service fees.

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What information do I need to become a bookseller?

You will need the following information to complete the bookseller application:
  • Your contact information including the name of your bookselling business, a phone number, an address, and an email address.
  • Your credit card (for subscription fees)
  • Your bank information (to receive payments)
  • Your tax information (eg EIN, SSN, VAT, or GST)
  • A description of your bookselling business and the types of books you will offer.

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How do I ship sales to customers?

On AbeBooks, you have the flexibility to set your own shipping rates and speeds. This unique feature ensures that you can always provide best value to your customers while tailoring shipping options to meet your needs.

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How do I manage my inventory?

During the application process, you will be asked to let us know how you plan to provide your book listings to AbeBooks. We can accept listings in a variety of formats, from almost any inventory management system.
  • Our Online Inventory Management System, ideal for sellers with only a few books to list
  • HomeBase, AbeBooks free inventory management software, with complete technical support for registered booksellers
  • FillZ, a premier online inventory and order management system that allows you to re-price inventory, and process orders simultaneously on up to 20 different marketplaces
  • BookTrakker, BookHound, Art of Books, Monsoon, and other third-party inventory management systems
  • Directly from your custom spreadsheet or database program

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