We're ready for strong customer authentication,
extra security for online shopping

New European Union legislation is being implemented in September 2019 and it will impact online shopping if you use a credit card issued by a provider in an EU country.

An EU directive called PSD2 (Second Payments Services Directive) requires a new layer of security during online credit card purchases in order to prevent fraud and protect consumers. It uses strong customer authentication (SCA) in the form of multi-factor authentication (MFA).

If you wish to shop online with AbeBooks and other websites, using your credit card from an EU card issuer, you may be asked by your credit card provider to verify your identity in order to complete a transaction.

During checkout, your credit card issuer may ask you to provide at least two forms of strong customer authentication.

Something you know

An example is a password.

Something you have

A one-time code generated by a security token or a text message sent to your phone.

Something that you are

An example is a finger print.
  • If you use a credit card issued by a provider in the EU, the secure checkout technology on the AbeBooks website will connect to your provider and confirm if they wish to verify your identity.
  • If your credit card issuer decides verification is needed, the AbeBooks website connects you to your issuer, which will offer instructions on how to proceed. They may not require secure authentication for all transactions.
  • If something goes wrong at this stage, or you can't or decide not to complete your verification steps, the item or items will remain in your shopping basket for a second attempt.
  • If you are buying items offered by multiple AbeBooks sellers, you may be asked to verify your identity for each individual seller in the transaction.
  • If you are not asked to verify your identity during checkout, it simply means your issuer decided that verification was not required.
  • Your credit card issuer controls the verification process. If you don't know what information your credit card issuer may ask for, or you are confused about this process, please contact your issuer.
  • For you to be ready, you may need to supply your credit card provider with your mobile phone number or obtain their security token, or set up another identification process.
  • And one final note, banks and financial institutions in several European countries have been given an extension beyond the September 2019 deadline in which to implement strong customer authentication.

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