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      HomeBase 2.3 is the most popular software for book inventory management available. This product can be used to streamline every aspect of bookselling: from maintaining your inventory and issuing invoices, to selling your books online through AbeBooks.
      (For Windows XP Home, XP Home with SP2, Vista, 2000. NT, ME, 98, 95)

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      System Requirements

      • HomeBase 2.3 is optimised to work on a PC running the following Microsoft Windows versions:
        • XP Home
        • XP Home with SP2
        • Vista (all editions)
        • 2000
        • NT
        • ME
        • 98
        • 95
      • 128 MB RAM
      • HomeBase 2.3 is designed to be networked on more than one computer.


      HomeBase 2.3 Help:

      Downloading and Installing HomeBase 2.3
      Using HomeBase 2.3

      AbeBooks PricePartner

      PricePartner is a powerful application that allows you to quickly and easily modify the prices of books listed in AbeBooks HomeBase (versions 2.0 or higher).

      (For Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista)

      Download PricePartner

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