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The Origin of Species - Charles Darwin

Evolution of Darwin′s Origin of Species

Scientists, students, general readers and collectors alike seek On the Origin of Species - prized first edition copies from 1859 have sold on AbeBooks for up to $11,000 and the book still appears among the bestsellers after 150 years.

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American Ornithology Or, the natural history of the birds of the United States by A. Wilson

30 Beautiful Old Bird Books

Whatever your passion, be it art and colored plates of birds, ornithology, birdwatching, care of pet birds or just books with beautiful, bird-themed covers, we have a collectable bird book here sure to ruffle feathers.

Beautiful Bird Books

Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart

Author Interview

Amy Stewart Unearths the Wicked Ways of Plants

Stewart′s book - complete with a series of beautiful but rather menacing illustrations - delights in how deadly plants have wreaked havoc throughout history. It′s a book that will appeal to nature lovers and gardeners, but also to those drawn to the morbid side of life.

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