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Familiar Trees (3 Volumes) by G.S. Boulger

Beautiful Old Tree Books

From their gnarled roots and twisted trunks to their far-reaching branches and leaves, trees have long been a popular subject of art and design. Metaphorically, they can represent growth, patience and permanence. In terms of contemporary design, they've come to often symbolize the green movement toward more ecologically and environmentally sound choices. But mostly, they're just beautiful, and have graced book covers for centuries.

Tree Books


Amy Stewart Unearths the Wicked Ways of Plants

Amy Stewart Unearths the Wicked Ways of Plants

Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart is quite frankly the most gruesome book of the decade. Psychotic shrubs, vicious vines, and poisonous petals - the book is a comprehensive A to Z of plants that kill, poison, intoxicate or simply make you as sick as a dog. It′s an unrelenting list of Mother Nature′s gangbangers, thugs and assassins.

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Rare Botanical Prints

Botanical Prints

Botanical illustrations were created not just for scientific knowledge but also as objects of aesthetic beauty. These prints are considered to be highly valuable and collectible pieces of art, any one of which would make a beautiful addition to your collection.

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25 Beautiful Old Flower Books

Whether you're interested in mulching or weeding, flowering ornamental trees or soil composition for superior hyacinths, you can find it on AbeBooks. Here are 25 examples of gorgeous, flower-themed books from years gone by.

25 Beautiful Old Flower Books