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Higher Learning - Teachers & Schools in Literature

Higher Learning - Teachers & Schools in Literature

For most of us, schools and teachers have played a big role in our lives. Discover a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books about schools, the students that attend them, and the teachers that dedicate their lives to educating young people. Touching, amusing and enlightening - you're bound to be educated by reading this fine selection.

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The Kindergarten Wars

The Kindergarten Wars

Alan Eisenstock, former screenwriter and seven-year member of the board of directors of a private independent elementary school in Los Angeles, provides startling insight into the private school application process. He follows several families across the America from their first school tours to the ultimate nail-biting moment when they open that acceptance - or rejection - letter from a top-pick school. Through interviews with admissions directors, school heads, teachers, educational consultants, and kindergarten tutors, readers learn the hard facts, including: Who gets in and why? Does the right kindergarten really help your child get into the right college? Does ethnic diversity improve a child's chances for being admitted to a top school?

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Required Reading Worldwide

Required Reading Worldwide

Summer is drawing to a close here in Canada, which means children are gearing up to go back to school. The books we read in school can spark a love of reading, teach us critical thinking, and help shape our tastes and reading habits for later in life.

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