Congratulations to Eric Bricker from Jessup in Maryland. Eric won our Harry Potter bookshelf contest with a poem entitled ‘Harry’s To-Do-List'. We saw many tremendous entries and were blown away by the submissions. Thanks to all the ‘Potter Poets’ who entered. Here are just a handful of the poems that we’ve enjoyed, including the winning poem. Read More Poems.

Fun Times

Wizards, warlocks, and spells abound
Magic, levitation, daily astounds
Seeker, magician, young man from this world appeared.
Brought all of us light and amazing good cheer.
Dragons, spell-books, and herbs we adore
I'll sure miss seeing new Harry books in the bookstore

Barbara from Woodstock, Georgia, USA


Oh Harry with your big round glasses
Framing eyes with long lush lashes
How I dream that I could marry
A grown up boy who's just like Harry

Katie from London, UK

Waiting, waiting

We suffered with Harry,
we laughed and we cried,
we moaned and we giggled,
all emotions supplied.

How we ache with Harry,
wanting him to succeed,
wishing him happiness,
to fulfill every need.

But nobody knows
what the last book will hold,
we will just have to wait
and watch it unfold.

Marita from Baker, Florida, USA

An Ode to Draco Malfoy

White-blond hair
Light grey eyes
His skin so fair
He hardly every cries.

A pureblood through and through
Slytherin at his core
Green and silver, but definitely not blue
He thinks Muggles are an eyesore.

In the sixth year
He has a grave task
But his fear
Could not be unmasked.

Alas, his inability to finish this task
Showed that, perhaps,
One might ask,
"Could one so innocent have a heart that's so black?"

Stephen from Highlands Ranch, USA

Life With Harry

Nine years, seven books,
Two thirds of my son's young life,
With Harry in it.

Michelle from Battlement Mesa, USA

A Potter Poem

Red Scar above eyes.
A mark of courage and pain.
Will our hero live?

Trace from Athens, Georgia, USA

An ode to the oldie Potter fans

On one boring weekday night,
my youngest asked if I could read her a book
"A book?" I asked looking shocked,
"Get the remote and watch the box!"
But no she was adamant was my daughter,
to read a book called Harry Potter.

As I looked down at the cover
I was quite shocked to discover
This was I book I might like
so I began to read for me and my tyke
Dragons and wizards and witchcraft and magic,
Not having discovered
this book would be tragic!

Now I'm a fan, I'm quite obsessed
Even my daughter gets quite distressed
She insists that itís a book for only her age
But sheís wrong,
Itís for us all, every page!

But closer it brings, me and my daughter
Is that book called Harry Potter!

Victoria from North Lanarkshire, UK

Son of James

The Potter boy, son of James
champion of Quidditch games
Exploits I enjoy, hem-hem
even Umbridge entertains

But Harry's folks were condemned
to die; he never knew them.
His friends give him love and trust
but Lily and James missed him

go to Hogwarts at King's Cross
and his first Happy Christmas
and the Tri-Wizard cup flames
memories all turned to dust.

You-Know-Who is quite insane
Potter's always on his brain.
Snape in the grass might betray
If his Death Mark is inflamed.

Hermione and Ron might pay
If Voldemort has his day,
his dark and deadly schemes aim
to kill Harry any way.

Though it's hard, he keeps going
well, at least until Rowling
decides he's hand enough and
finishes her torturing.

Next to Harry's, my life's tame
but I'd keep it just the same.
My dad "Jim" reads him too, so
I'm the lucky son of James.

Tom from Kennesaw, Georgia, USA

Harry, Harry, Harry (oi, oi, oi)

Harry, Harry, Harry
Shout his name out loud
He'll probably never marry
But he's built up quite a crowd.

One day he was a normal boy
Then Hagrid came to play
Took Harry off to his great joy
To a school quite far away.

Hogwarts was the name of it
Learning magic by the score
Quidditch, dragons, Snape (the git)
And a man called Dumbledore.

Ron and Hermione are his friends
Malfoy is just a rotter
Life's mystery just never ends
For the boy called Harry Potter.

He tries so hard to live his life
In his own quiet way
But all around are trouble and strife
Each and every day.

How we've laughed and how we've cried
Shared together all his pain
And on the day Dumbledore died
We gnashed our teeth in vain.

Soon the climax will be here
And we've been waiting ages
Soon the boy-wizard will disappear
Back inside the pages.

But we will never do the same
He's brought us so much joy
So once again let's shout his name
Harry! Harry! the Boy!

Janine from Barnsely, UK

A Place For Everything

I have a cupboard for my broom,
A room the dragon occupies;
It would be nice to have a shelf
To put my Potter books upon

Esmond from Swansea, UK