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Random Acts of PoetryRandom Acts of Poetry

Abebooks.co.uk is searching for poets in the UK for a week-long event entitled “Random Acts of Poetry”. It is being imported from Canada this autumn with poets in UK and Ireland randomly reading poems in their own communities to people on the street.

Random Acts of Poetry is the brainchild of Canadian poet Wendy Morton and supported by Abebooks.co.uk and the Victoria READ Society, a non-profit literacy organisation. Random Acts of Poetry was conducted by 27 poets in 18 Canadian cities in 2004. This year, it will be staged simultaneously in the UK and Canada, with poets speaking in 10 UK and Irish cities during October.

A celebration of poetry and literacy, the poets will travel through their cities randomly reading poems to strangers in parks, bus stops, schools, cafes, shops, libraries, hair salons and other everyday places.

As sponsor of the event, Abebooks donates a payment to each poet for their efforts. It also purchases books from each poet’s publisher so they can be presented to listeners.

Learn more about last year’s Random Acts of Poetry event in Canada. [www.RandomActsofPoetry.com]

If you're interested in committing Random Acts of Poetry, please complete this online form and you will be considered by the organizers.



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