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Shipping Rates and Speeds
I do not have a credit card. How can I pay?
How can I cancel my order?
My credit card was rejected!
I have not received my book. What can I do?
Common Technical Issues

AbeBooks Explained

AbeBooks Explained
How to open an account
Registering and the benefits?


Ordering on AbeBooks
Payment methods
Sending a gift
Invoice needed
Shipping rates
Tracking my orders
How can I contact the bookseller about an order already placed?

Cancelations, Returns and Refunds

Cancelling orders
My order has not been received
I need to return the book
I have changed my mind. Can I return a book?
Returns and Refunds overview

Managing your AbeBooks Account

Change email address & password
Your shipping address
Your credit card details
Why can I not sign on to my account?

Security on AbeBooks

Is it safe to pay online?
Keeping my personal data secure
Identifying AbeBooks emails

Searching on AbeBooks

More information about a book offer
Bookseller Ratings
Can't find your book? Create a 'Want'
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