AbeBooks has hosted its first ever charity book auction after teaming up with Penguin Classics, which celebrated its 60th anniversary by asking some of the world's top designers to create new editions of five timeless novels. Shoe design icon Manolo Blahnik, fashion guru Paul Smith, photographer and video artist Sam Taylor-Wood, designer and architect Ron Arad, and graphic design partnership Fuel produced stunning interpretations worthy of any collection.

One thousand numbered copies of each book were printed - the retail price for each one is 100. Penguin Classics held back No.1 from each series so the designer could sign their book and it's those unique signed copies, brand new from the publisher, that were sold to the highest bidder. Each print run has been hand numbered and there is only one signed copy of each book.

All proceeds will go to PEN - a charity devoted to author's rights and freedom in literature. The auction began on Dec 11th and closed Dec 13th.

  1. Lady Chatterley's Lover: Designed by Paul Smith
  2. Crime and Punishment: Designed by Fuel
  3. Madame Bovary: Designed by Manolo Blahnik
  4. Tender is the Night: Designed by Sam Taylor-Wood
  5. The Idiot: Designed by Ron Arad
Penguin Classics