A vast country covered in verdant jungle, laced with pristine beaches, and traced through by the most legendary of river systems, the Amazon, Brazil inflames the imagination and tantalises the senses. Sample the Literature, Food, and Art and Music of Brazil, or take a virtual tour with gorgeous volumes of Travel Writing and Photography!


Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon

Jorge Amado

Gabrieal, Clove and Cinnamon

One bright spring day in 1925, Gabriela arrives from the poverty-stricken backwoods of Brazil to the lively seaside port of IlhÉus amid a flock of filthy migrant workers. Though wearing rags and covered in dirt, she attracts the attention of Nacib, a cafe owner, who is in desperate need of a new cook. The savvy young woman quickly proves to be an excellent chef and—once well-scrubbed and decently dressed—an eye-catching beauty. Nacib quickly finds himself the owner of the most prosperous business in town—and the employer of its most sought-after woman.

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The Zahir: A Novel of Obsession

Paulo Coelho

The Zahir

Set in Paris and in the enchanting landscape of central Asia, this new novel by the author of the international bestsellers The Alchemist and Eleven Minutes follows the journey of a man obsessed with finding the wife who left him without an explanation. A haunting and redemptive story about the dark side of obsession, The Zahir explores its potential to both fulfill our dreams and to destroy them. It is also a thoughtful meditation on faith, celebrity, marriage — and their relationships to freedom and creativity.

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Brazil: A Cook's Tour

Christopher Idone

Brazil: A Cook's Tour

Starting in Sao Paulo, then moving on to Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, the Amazon, and Minas Gerais, Christopher explores the marketplaces, the home kitchens, the shops, and the eating establishments of the diverse areas and their different culinary influences. One hundred recipes and more than 125 four-color photographs feature the authentic national dishes of Brazil, such as Feijoada, Tutu a Mineira, Picadinho, Empanadas, and myriad sweets, as well as modern Brazilian culinary triumphs such as Shrimp and Heart of Palm Casserole.

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Brazil: A Culinary Journey (From the Hippocrene Cookbook Library)

Cherie Hamilton

Brazil - A Culinary Journey

This book explores the nation's distinct regional cuisine, and explains how Amerindian, European and African contributions have come together to form modern Brazilian cookery. More than 130 recipes range from Feijoada, the Brazilian national dish, to lesser-known delicacies such as Shrimp and Bread Pudding, Crab Soup and Banana Brittle. Also included are suggested menus, a list of ingredient sources, and a glossary of Brazilian culinary terms.

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Art and Music

Cildo Meireles

Paulo Herkenhoff

Cildo Meireles

A pioneer of installation art in the 1960s, Brazilian Cildo Meireles (b.1948) has influenced generations of international artists. Best known for his dramatic and politically charged environments incorporating sound, smell and touch, Meireles envelops viewers in his installations and offers an alternative - visual, political and sensual - to the less-than-perfect world around us. The only major monograph on this innovative artist

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Tropical Truth: A Story of Music and Revolution in Brazil

Daniel Silva

Tropical Truth: A Story of Music and Revolution in Brazil

Rebelling against the Elvis-based, American-imported rock scene in late '60s Brazil, Caetano Veloso suffused lyrical Brazilian folksongs with fuzz guitar, avant-jazz, and electronic music-and in doing so blew apart the status quo of Brazilian culture. Caetano and the movement he catalyzed, tropicalia, urged an adoption of personal freedom in politics, music, and lifestyle. His "rabble-rousing," as the government saw it, would get Caetano and his comrade Gilberto Gil arrested and exiled to London to wait out the military dictatorship. His fame increasing by the year, Caetano focused on writing songs about his homeland, returning to Brazil as a national hero.

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Travel Writing and Photography

In the Heart of the Amazon Forest (Penguin Great Journeys Series)

Henry Walter

In the Heart of the Amazon Forrest

One of the most impressive of all Victorian scientists but also a marvelous writer, Bates' (1825-1892) account of his years in the upper reaches of the Amazon is almost too good to be true - a great monument to human inquisitiveness as he battles great hoards of malevolent reptiles and insects in his quest for ever more obscure specimens on ever more narrow and creeper-choked tributaries.

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Brazil: The Earth Greenery

Alberto Taliani

Brazil: The Earth Greenery

This addition to White Star's series transports readers to the famous beaches, rain forests, and vibrant cities of Brazil. Hundreds of full-color photographs provide a whirlwind tour of this complex country, a country whose legacy extends far beyond its world-famous Carnival, soccer, and Samba. Supplemented by an entertaining text, the images in this volume bring to life the unique cultural and environmental heritage of the country, and explore the exciting changes taking place, including preservation of the Amazon jungle and restoration of ancient monuments and architecture.

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