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Weird But Wonderful Books

There are some hard questions you'll ask yourself throughout the course of your lifetime. What sort of career am I going to have? Am I going to fall in love and get married? How do I toilet train my cat? And most importantly, How do I defend myself against alien abduction?

Abebooks' booksellers are here to help you answer some of the life's most pressing questions, with a selection of some truly weird and wonderful books as recommended by our Community Forum members. Visitors to our site highlighted a diverse range of unusual titles that rarely receive the recognition they deserve.

Learn more about weird books with the help of Russell Ash and Brian Lake's Bizarre Books, a unique collection of the world's most unusual books and authors.

What's the weirdest, strangest book you've ever read? Discuss it in our Community Forum.


The Pantyhose Craft BookThe Pantyhose Craft Book
Jean Ray Laury & Joyce Aiken

Introducing a fresh new craft, one of America's top design teams shows you how to make a wealth of handsome practical items from ordinary run pantyhose. Projects range from home furnishings such as rugs, room dividers, baskets, quilts, to dolls and soft sculptures, and fashion accessories such as jewelry, purses, hats, and belts.

All Editions: £1.00 - £11.89


Knitting With Dog HairKnitting With Dog Hair
Kendall Crolius & Anne Montgomery

'Better a sweater from a dog you know rather than a sheep you'll never meet.' In this tip-filled, easy-to-use book, the authors tell how to collect, clean and store your dog's fur, how to modify patterns to accommodate pet-spun yarn, and how to find experienced pet hair spinners. Includes a guide to resources and suppliers.

All Editions: £3.84 - £12.64


How to Toilet Train Your CatHow to Toilet Train Your Cat
Paul Kunkel

21 days to a litter-free home. Contents: What is a cat: The art of the box; The mystery of the box; 21 days to a litter-free cat; Maintaining a litter-free cat. Frequently asked questions. No more scoop, nor more box, nor more heavy, soggy bags. No more "accidents." You can break your cat of the litter habit and teach him the clean, healthy, viable alternative of using a toilet.

All Editions: £1.33 - £10.61


Bombproof Your HorseBombproof Your Horse
Rick Pelicano, Lauren Tjaden

A clearly illustrated manual that shows equestrians how to prepare their horses for the unexpected, turning them into safer, more pleasurable mounts. Every horse, from the pampered show–hunter to the family pet, is faced at one time or another with an object or situation that is either overwhelmingly terrifying or just downright confusing. Riders, trainers, and owners often simply wait for these situations— and the resulting bolt, balk, or buck—in fear or ignorance, rationalizing such behavior as just “a horse being a horse.”

All Editions: £8.93 - £28.19


Nuclear War: What's In It For You?
Ground Zero War Foundation

Here is everything you wanted to know about nuclear war . . . but were just too scared to ask. A non-fiction account of countries that have or are attempting to get nuclear weapons, but it is written in an easy-to-read format. Also outlines scenarios that could have happened, as well as a brief history of US nuclear weapons development.

All Editions: £1.00 - £16.41


Practical Taxidermy, and Home Decoration
Joseph H. Batty

"Skinning, Tanning, Stuffing Animals, Fish, Birds, mammals, reptiles, frogs ". Procedures set forth do not involve expensive or elaborate equipment. Do not require any previous experience in taxidermy...explicit instructions are accompanied by detailed drawings and photographs to guide the amateur in each step of the mounting process.

All Editions: £7.96 - £26.52


How to Avoid Huge ShipsHow to Avoid Huge Ships
John W. Trimmer

You are the owner-captain of a luxury fifty-foot trawler motoring across the bay with your family and a few friends one balmy summer evening. Off in the distance, beyond the bridge spanning the waterway, you can make out the lights and shape of a containership moving down the channel. Have you ever wondered what action you must take to keep clear of that fast-approaching ship? This book will tell you how to do so quickly and in simple terms.

All Editions: £2.65 - £20.06


How to Defend Yourself Against Alien AbductionHow to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction
Ann Druffel

A guide to avoiding alien abductions using everything from physical resistance and willpower to herbs and amulets, written by a longtime investigator of UFOs.

All Editions: £3.60 - £18.50


What Bird Did That?What Bird Did That?: A Driver's Guide to Some Common Birds of North America
Peter Hansard & Burton Silver

The first scholarly treatment of ornithological dejecta, or bird droppings. Over 45 detailed entries depict typical bird "splays," and describe each bird's habitat and food.

All Editions: £1.00 - £10.61


HOw to be Happy Though MarriedHow to be Happy Though Married
E.J. Hardy

First written in 1885, this book is full of all sorts of gems of marriage guidance such as "A jealous wife is generally considered a proper subject for ridicule; and a woman ought to conceal from her husband any feelings of this kind."

All Editions: £18.00 - £25.00


Flattened FaunaFlattened Fauna
Roger M. Knutson

A definitive guide for the millions of people who seldom see a wild animal that has not been flattened by dozens of vehicles and baked in the sun to an indistinct fur, scale or feather-covered patty. Flattened Fauna is unique, bizarre, intelligent and quietly, incidentally amusing. In it is a wealth of fascinating information about the eating, mating and locomotion habits of more than three dozen of the most common roadside animals in North America

All Editions: £1.33 - £8.35


Teach Your Wife How to Be a Widow
Joseph Newman

On average, wives outlive their husbands by ten years. This book is a guide intended for use by both husbands and wives. It seeks to focus the attention of husbands on those areas where most wives need help, and it presents the material in such a way that the average intelligent woman can readily become familiar with such difficult matters as investments, taxes, housing, and employment.

All Editions: £1.41 - £9.55


The Thermodynamics of Pizza
Harold J. Morowitz

In fifty plus essays, Morowitz, a distinguished biophysicist with a very active sense of curiosity, muses over interesting questions that arise in the course of daily life, scientific research, and miscellaneous reading. Why do pizzas stay hot? why is blood redder in the tropics?, what was the secret of the Sphinx?

All Editions: £1.59 - £11.67