Weird Travel Books

We recently conducted a poll and AbeBooks users voted Travel by Cargo Ship as the world's weirdest travel book. Last published in 1995 and now sadly out-of-print, the book has several memorable pieces of advice, including....

"And, let's admit it, a cabin on a cargo ship on the ocean can also be a dream love nest for a couple looking for an unusual and timeless honeymoon."

"You may also get the chance to play ping-pong, a game which takes on a whole new dimension when the ship rolls or pitches...."

"Casting off and docking are events to be savoured. The entertaining maneuvers of the tugs, pilots climbing like monkeys up rope ladders... How could one be bored with so much to see?"

Finishing a close second is Other People's Business, a guide focusing on Ohio's burgeoning industrial tourism sector. Plan your vacation around tours though Encor-Arundale, America's top lint trap producer, or Continental Hose, "the big player in after-market hoses," after which you will definitely need to drown your sorrows at Anheuser-Busch's hospitality room. In truth there are more diamonds than rough. With some neat ideas including wineries, farms and glasswork or The Middleton Doll Company who produce signed and numbered collectable dolls.

The World's Top 10 Weirdest Travel Books:

Travel by Cargo Ship by Hugo Verlomme

1. Travel by Cargo Ship

Hugo Verlomme (1995)

A container ship packed with self-assembly Ikea furniture has its attractions

Other People's Business by Jane Ware

2. Other People's Business: A Guidebook to 87 Company and Industrial Tours in and Near Ohio

Jane Ware (1993)

Never mind the sandy beaches of Barbados, visit a steel plant in Cleveland

The Complete Medical Tourist by David Hancock

3. The Complete Medical Tourist

David Hancock (2006)

A tummy tuck in Thailand, a hip replacement in Hanoi...

Mini-Trips for Maxi-Fun

4. Mini-Trips for Maxi-Fun

McDonalds Staff (1970)

We're not lovin' this guide to day-trips where the McAuthors hope you've forgotten the packed lunch

Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawks

5. Round Ireland with a Fridge

Tony Hawks (2001)

A comedian hitchhikes around the Emerald Isle with a large domestic appliance... what's weird about that?

Flattened Fauna by Roger M. Knutson

6. Flattened Fauna

Roger M. Knutson (1987)

Was that a raccoon or a rabbit? A guide to interstate road-kill for those long road-trips

Biking to the Arctic Circle by Allen L. Johnson

7. Biking to the Arctic Circle

Allen L. Johnson (1997)

The author coldly goes where no cyclist has gone before

Laid to Rest in California by Patricia Brooks

8. Laid to Rest in California: A Guide to the Cemeteries and Grave Sites of the Rich and Famous

Patricia Brooks (2006)

Celebrity spotting for the morbidly minded

Up Sh*t Creek by Joe Lindsay

9. Up Sh*t Creek: a collection of horrifyingly true wilderness toilet misadventures

Joe Lindsay (1997)

A paddle didn't help these travelers

The Space Tourist's Handbook by Eric Anderson

10. The Space Tourist's Handbook

Eric Anderson (2005)

Eating out, seeing the sights, meeting locals....all in zero gravity