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Sara Fanelli (self-portrait)2004 V&A Illustration Awards

The V&A Illustration Awards are the premier awards for book and editorial illustration in the United Kingdom - these prestigious awards have been running since 1972. Winning illustrations were chosen from editorial publications, children's books, adult illustrated books and book covers.

2004 Winners:

The Abebooks marketplace is pleased to offer a fantastic selection of current and past V&A Illustration award winners including this year's winner, Sara Fanelli. Below, you will find a selection of some of Sara Fanelli's most beloved works.

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Sara Fanelli

2004 Overall winner and first prize (Book cover and Jacket Illustration)

This illustrated edition of the magical tale of Pinocchio is not only a complete, unabridged version of the original story, but also a brand-new translation by the award-winner, Emma Rose.

Copies From: £4.40 - £30.49


First FlightFirst Flight
Sara Fanelli

First Flight is a young picture book by a prize-winning author-illustrator. Butterfly bursts out of her chrysalis and immediately wants to get closer to the blue sky above but she has no idea how to launch herself. After repeated tumbles she appeals to flight experts all over the world for help. Her search goes to Italy, France, China, Scotland and Brazil; each time she tries out a new suggestion and each time she lands back on earth (sometimes with a painful bump).

Copies From: £5.08 - £25.16


Sara Fanelli

A red button on a coat decides he wants to see the world, so he pulls and stretches, until ping, he is free. On his journey he meets a host of odd characters, including Wolf, three little pigs and a homeless snail, until eventually his travels bring him full-circle, back to where he started.

Copies From: £10.99 - £24.39

Mythological MonstersMythological Monsters of Ancient Greece
Sara Fanelli

Meet the living, fire-breathing mythical creatures of Greek legend. One-hundred-eyed Argus; one-eyed Cyclopes; nine-headed Hydra; Cerberus, the three-headed watchdog; Medusa the Gorgon; Minotaur, half-man, half-bull; Sirens, half-woman, half-vulture; Sphinx, half-woman, half-winged lion; Centaurs, half-man, half-horse; Harpies, greedy women with bird's heads and more!

Copies From: £8.79 - £24.39


Dear DiaryDear Diary
Sara Fanelli

An extraordinary fictional diary by a great picture book artist. There are seven different diaries in Dear Diary, each telling the events of one busy day from a different point of view. The first is straightforward enough; it is the account of a young girl called Lucy. She tells of her day at school, taking her dog Bubu for a walk in the park and her parents' party in the evening. The second diary is a little more curious - it is the journal of a chair overturned in the classroom. Next is Spider's Diary, followed by Firefly's Diary, Knife and Fork's Diary, Bubu's Diary and Ladybird's Diary.

Copies From: £4.68 - £16.41


My Map BookMy Map Book
Sara Fanelli

In each spread of this bold and humorous picture book, available for the first time since 1995, children can examine their place in the world around them through detailed and engaging maps. Twelve beautifully illustrated maps such as Map of My Day and Map of My Tummy will fascinate children. When finished reading the book, children can unfold the jacket it turns into a poster-size map!

Copies From: £2.62 - £22.43