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Royal Families

Invitation to a Royal WeddingInvitation to a Royal Wedding
Kathryn Spink
Recommended by Pendragon Books, Waterloo, ON
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Prince Charles and Princess Diana's were married on July 29, 1981. Europe's monarchies have for centuries been a prominent force and continue to be so to this day. A whole new generation of royals are continually featured in the media, rivaling that of Hollywood's stars. Take a look at some of the books we've found that feature modern day royals.

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The Royal House of MonacoThe Royal House of Monaco
John Glatt

The Grimaldi family of Monaco was once synonymous with glamour, glitter, wealth, and pleasure. But since the death of Princess Grace in 1982, the tiny fairy-tale principality has spun out of control as one scandal follows another. Prince Rainier, Prince Albert, and Princesses Stephanie and Caroline are constantly in the headlines. Here are the extraordinary stories behind the bereavements, sexual betrayals, and hasty divorces that have plunged The Royal House of Monaco into decline and uncertainty.

All Editions: £2.73 - £10.96


William: HRH Prince William of WalesWilliam: HRH Prince William of Wales
Tim Graham

As the boy prince turns into the man who would be king, interest in Prince William is at an unprecedented height in 2003, the year of his twenty-first birthday. Seen as the vital link between the traditions of the Royal Family and the more populist, modern approach of his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, William has become an icon and pin-up as well as the future of the monarchy.

All Editions: £1.10 - £12.00


Tomoshibi Light Tomoshibi Light: Collected Poetry by Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko
Akihito, Emperor and Empress Michiko

Japan's Imperial line is thought to be the oldest in the world, & its associations with poetry can be traced back to its most ancient beginnings. For centuries the Japanese court has patronized the poetic art & participated in the composition of the traditional native verse form known as the "waka." Emperor Akihito & Empress Michiko inherit this remarkable legacy & have preserved it with personal enthusiasm & literary mastery.

All Editions: £2.74 - £16.42



To Be a Princess: The Fascinating Lives of Real Princesses To Be a Princess: The Fascinating Lives of Real Princesses
Hugh Brewster

This stunningly visual, handsomely produced book contains the lives of the world's most fascinating princesses, including: Mary, Elizabeth I, Marie Antoniette, Victoria, Anastasia, Ka'iulani of Hawai'i, Gayatri Devi of India, and sisters Elizabeth II and Margaret Rose. Portraits of each princess are complemented with photographs of their possessions and period artifacts. Beyond the glamorous details of royal life are the personal stories—from family troubles to dramatic, often tragic events of war and intrigue.

All Editions: £2.35 - £19.75


The Royal Families of Europe The Royal Families of Europe
Geoffrey Hindley

As fascinating as it is informative, this chronicle of Europe's most enduring system of government-monarchy-explores the many colorful and often controversial facets of an institution that has survived revolution, warfare, regicides, national strife, and the occasional sheer incompetence of the head beneath the crown. While it considers monarchical history as well as the tales, intrigues, scandals, and historical gossip that have attached themselves to both the British and continental monarchies, this always engaging volume also speculates upon the future of European monarchy as a vital and viable form of government after the year 2000.

All Editions: £8.74 - £13.70


Diana: Her True Story in Her Own WordsDiana : Her True Story in Her Own Words
Andrew Morton

The sudden and tragic death of Princess Diana caused the world to reflect on how much this singular woman meant to us all. This new edition of her life story -- which includes Diana's personal recollections in her own words, as well as an account of the events surrounding her death -- poignantly strengthens her hold on our hearts. From her fairy-tale wedding and the births of her two wonderful boys to the stunning collapse of her marriage, Diana's luminous but troubled life transfixed millions.

All Editions: £2.71 - £8.22