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Burn's Book Night

More than 200 years after his birth, the works of Robert Burns remain as collectible as ever and on Tuesday January 25th, Scots from around the world will be celebrating this literary legend's birthday. Abebooks' booksellers are pleased to offer highly collectible Burns' titles.

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Chiefly in the Scottish DialectChiefly in the Scottish Dialect
Robert Burns

Burns most famous collection was a tremendous success and was reprinted many times during his lifetime. Just prior to its first publication he was preparing to leave Scotland for Jamaica to escape several scandalous affairs involving a number of young ladies. With the money from the publishing of his Poems, he was able to remain in Scotland and build a new (though perhaps none the more chaste) life in Edinburgh.

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Poetical Works of Robert BurnsPoetical Works of Robert Burns
Robert Burns

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Understanding Robert BurnsUnderstanding Robert Burns: Verse, Explanation and Glossary
George Scott Wilkie

The poems of Robert Burns are known throughout the world, but are rarely understood. For too long lovers of his poetry and songs have struggled with the meaning of many of the bard's words. Following the success of George Wilkie's Select Works of Robert Burns, this expanded volume of Burns's poetry, with 138 poems, captures the same ethos as the original. Opposite every stanza of each poem the meaning of what Burns has written is printed along with a helpful glossary to enable to reader to gain an immediate understanding.

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Poems and Songs of Robert BurnsThe Poems and Songs of Robert Burns
Robert Burns & John Cairney

This new, specially commissioned recording offers a wide-ranging choice of Burns's songs and lyrical poems; and longer poems such as Tam o'Shanter, and The Cotter's Saturday Night are also included in their entirety. All are read by John Cairney, world-famous for his many stage and television performances of the life and work of Scotland's national bard. Lovers of Burns's poetry will find much to enjoy in this selection, which also provides an extensive introduction for those as yet unfamiliar with his work.

Copies From: £3.29 - £16.44