If you love books, you have to keep reading – even if you’re living in an active war-zone like Iraq. AbeBooks.com showcases 50 books - from the Physics of Sand to Lawrence of Arabia and even a guide to writing poetry - that have been purchased through our website by soldiers and civilians located on bases in Iraq. Plus we reveal how a library was built from scratch and recount one soldier’s love affair with books, including how Don Quixote saved his life

Books on the British Experience in Iraq

From General Sir Peter de La Billiere's first hand account of combat in the Middle East, to former RAF flight lieutenant John Nichol's gripping fiction, there has been a wealth of literature written on the British experience of war in Iraq.

Warzone Books

Warzone Books

Discover the diverse list of books purchased from AbeBooks.com by military and civilian personnel stationed in Iraq.

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One Soldier's Devotion to Books

David Abrams

Meet David Abrams, a soldier, a writer and a life-long reader and find out why he believes books saved his life.

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Army Library

Army Library

Read how one man's love for books was the driving force behind the development of a library at a military base in Iraq.

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What Books Mean to Marines

Nathaniel Fick

Former US Marine Nathaniel Fick reveals why he feels the US is in danger, and why leaving the Marines was the second best decision he has ever made.

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