These engrossing titles offer history, information and personal insight into the reality of life in a war zone.

Midnight in Some Burning Town

by Christian Jennings

Midnight in Some Burning Town

Man for man, the British Special Forces are regarded as the best in the world. Their reputation ensures they are the first to be deployed to trouble-spots and they have never been busier than in the last few years. Christian Jennings is an experienced journalist who has covered SAS operations all over the world. Midnight in Some Burning Town follows a number of Special Forces teams from the intervention in the Balkans (Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia) to the invasion of Afghanistan, the overthrow of the Taliban and the hunt for bin Laden and his terrorists. It culminates in the largest Special Forces operation yet seen: the penetration of Iraq months before the main Coalition forces invaded in March 2003.

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Daily Telegraph" War on Saddam: The Complete Story of the Iraq Campaign 2003 (Daily Telegraph)

by John Keegan

Daily Telegraph War on Saddam

This comprehensive illustrated account, introduced by award-winning military historian John Keegan, lifts the lid on what really happened day by day during the conflict - from the failed initial strike on Saddam to the extraordinary toppling of his effigy in the heart of Baghdad. The book contains: a day-by-day account of the war, divided into its key phases; first-hand reports from the field; the key pieces of technology and hardware, from the Apache helicopter to the 72-ton Abrams tank; the key players of the war; from leading generals to the soldier hostages; secret operations by the SAS and intelligence forces; the media and PR war; and a complete chronology.

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Vanishing Point

by John Nichol

Vanishing Point

John Nichol is a former RAF flight lieutenant whose Tornado fighter was shot down on a mission over Iraq during the Gulf War. He was captured and became a prisoner of war. He is now a popular author. In Vanishing Point, flight lieutenant Mark Hunter, one of the RAF's most ambitious pilots, discovers that it was not the Iraqis who used the most virulent strains of chemical warfare during the Gulf War. The Pentagon and Whitehall will stop at nothing to ensure that a deadly skeleton from Desert Storm remains buried.

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Storm Command : A Personal Account Of The Gulf War

by General Sir Peter de La Billiere

Storm Command

After a lifetime in the SAS, and as the most decorated officer in the army, with experience of tri-service command in the Falklands and a comprehensive understanding of Arab life and language, General Sir Peter de la Billiere was unique in having all the credentials for the task. This book chronicles the war from the Allied nerve centre, analyzing Americas' execution of the air and land campaigns. It also shows how the British commander insisted on transferring his ground forces to a more crucial sector of the battlefield and how he persuaded Schwarzkopf to deploy the SAS in the western desert of Iraq.

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Task Force: The Inside Story of the Ships and Heroes of the Royal Navy

by John Parker

Task Force

The Royal Navy, at the start of the 21st century, has undergone the most remarkable transformation. The Fleet is today the smallest since the start of the Napoleonic wars. This book is intended to complete the triangle of our essential military might, telling the story of today's sea-going ultra-mobile, rapid reaction, missile- and aircraft-carrying task force. The Royal Navy has also became the first navy to put female personnel into warships. Parker includes personal interviews with the men and women who have served in the Senior Service, to bring his story to life.

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Sabre Squadron

by Cameron Spence

Sabre Squadron

The story of a unit from 22 SAS, who with the outbreak of the Gulf War slipped quietly over the border into the enemy's backyard. It includes an account of their successful attack on Victor Two, an Iraqi Scud missile command facility and their encounter with a force of 300 Iraqis.

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