LibraryThingYou may have seen the LibraryThing tags sprinkled throughout AbeBooks. What is LibraryThing? And what exactly do these tags mean?

LibraryThing is a virtual bookshelf. It helps you create a library-quality catalogue of your books. You can do all of them or just what you're reading now.

And because everyone catalogues online, they also catalogue together. So LibraryThing is also a community. It connects people based on the books they share. The social information on the site allows you to see who else has the book, what they think about it, and what else they're reading.

Thus, you can harvest a lot of information and lots of book recommendations, since LibraryThing knows how books connect.

Once you become a member of LibraryThing (it's easy, fast and free), you can catalogue your books and attach descriptive tags to them - everything from "history" to "Attila the Hun" to "Braille alphabet." The tagged books you see in certain categories on AbeBooks are amongst the most popular books in that category, as tagged by LibraryThing members.

So what you get are real recommendations from real people, based on what like-minded people are actually reading.

Want more recommendations? Visit LibraryThing at Membership is free up to 200 books.

Top "Mystery" Tags

And Then There Were None

Top "Science Fiction" Tags


Top "Fantasy" Tags

The Hobbit

Top "Humor" Tags

America: The Book

Top "Travel" Tags

Notes From a Small Island

Top "History" Tags

Guns, Germs, and Steel