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Dame Judi Dench

From Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth I to Iris Murdoch, Dame Dench has played them all. She has won major acting awards including Oscars and Oliviers (England's top theatrical honor) and has acted in many film adaptations of famous books. Judi Dench currently appears in the science fiction movie The Chronicles of Riddick. She recently won the prestigious Shakespeare Theatre Will Award in Washington D.C., in honour of her contributions to classical theatre.

We've put together a compilation of some books that have been made into movies starring Dame Judy Dench.

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The Importance of Being EarnestThe Importance of Being Earnest
Oscar Wilde

Judi played the role of Lady Bracknell in the Importance of Being Earnest. This play shows a full measure of Oscar Wilde's legendary wit, and embodies more than any of his other plays, his decency and warmth. This edition contains substantial excerpts from the original four-act version which was never produced, as well as the full text of the final three-act version, selections from Wilde's correspondence, and commentary by George Bernard Shaw, Max Beerbohm, St. John Hankin, and James Agate.
All Editions: £1.00 - £16,496.48


The Shipping NewsThe Shipping News
Annie Proulx

Judi played the role of the long-lost aunt Agnis Hamm in the Shipping News. When Quoyle's two-timing wife meets her just desserts, he retreats with his two daughters to his ancestral home on the starkly beautiful Newfoundland coast, where a rich cast of local characters and family members all play a part in Quoyle's struggle to reclaim his life. As Quoyle confronts his private demons -- and the unpredictable forces of nature and society -- he begins to see the possibility of love without pain or misery.
All Editions: £1.00 - £550.00


The Sovereignty of GoodThe Sovereignty of Good
Iris Murdoch

In the recent movie Iris, Judi convincingly played the role of the famous author Iris Murdoch. Murdoch once observed: "philosophy is often a matter of finding occasions on which to say the obvious". What was obvious to Murdoch, and to all those who read her work, is that Good transcends everything - even God. Throughout her distinguished and prolific writing career, she explored questions of good and bad, and myth and morality.
All Editions: £3.60 - £395.00



William Shakespeare

One of the most frequently read and performed of all stage works, Shakespeare's Hamlet is unsurpassed in its complexity and richness. Judi played the character of Hecuba in the movie adaptation of Hamlet.
All Editions: £1.00 - £13,747.07


A Room With A ViewA Room With A View
E.M. Forster

Published in 1908, A Room with A View is one of E. M. Forster's most celebrated works. In the movie adaptation, Judi protrayed the character of Eleanor Lavish. Forster explores love among a cast of eccentric characters gathered in an Italian pension and in a corner of Surrey, England. Caught up in a world of social snobbery, Lucy Honeychurch must make a decision that will decide the course of her future: She is forced to choose between convention and passion.
All Editions: £1.00 - £1374.74


A Midsummer Nights DreamA Midsummer Night's Dream
William Shakespeare

One night two young couples run into an enchanted forest in an attempt to escape their problems. But these four humans do not realize that the forest is filled with fairies and hobgoblins who love making mischief. The naughty fairies, led by Titania was played by none other than Judi Dench. When Oberon, the Fairy King, and his loyal hobgoblin servant, Puck, intervene in human affairs, the fate of these young couples is magically and hilariously transformed.
All Editions: £1.00 - £15 000.00