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Bird's Nest Books Inc.




Bookseller Profile

Bird's Nest Books Inc
Missoula, Montana


Our specialties are Montana History, Western Americana, children's, Ships and Sailing, Hunting & Fishing, Science Fiction, Mystery, and First editions. We carry all categories of books, with over 100,000 in inventory in our open shop.We have a wonderful assortment of books, from paperbacks to antiquarian titles. We have been an open shop selling books since 1975: this is our 30th anniversary year!

The store was opened by Betty Bird Anderson in 1975 selling handcrafted items: dolls and blankets. (Betty had dolls named after her first 8 grandchildren.) Then she bought some used books and added them to the crafts: to sell books was always her dream. Her son Guy and I (Jolie) came back to Missoula in 1985 to join Betty and her husband Bob in the bookshop and have been loving the book world ever since.

We have had author signings over the years from such notables as A.B.Guthrie (The Big Sky,) Dorothy Johnson (The Bloody Bozeman,) and Mildred Walker (Winter Wheat.) Our town of Missoula is the home of other authors such as James Lee Burke and is nestled in the mountains of western Montana. We are happy to say we have been selling online since Abebooks' inception. Thanks to all who have shopped from our inventory.

~ Jolie Anderson, proprietor