Hey football fans! No doubt your eyes will be glued to the tube during the World Cup 2006. Why not fuel your frenzy with our selection of fantastically priced football titles?

England Expects

James Corbett

This is the first book to tell the history of the England football team, from the first international matches at the end of the nineteenth century to the current shenanigans with Sven-Göran Ericsson's private life. It is an engrossing and graphic narrative, full of compelling games, intricate football politics, social history and astringent and trenchant commentary.

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World Cup Stories: A BBC History of the FIFA World Cup

Chris Hunt

The book accompanying the BBC TV series, World Cup Stories, comprehensively tells the story of the FIFA World Cup in words and pictures. This stylish book is crammed with pictures and memorabilia from the history of the tournament, and features a complete results breakdown for every World Cup. This is the essential volume that brings you behind the scenes to experience all the intrigue, passion and politics of the tournament, its top players and best teams.

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Ingerland: Travels with a Football Nation

Mark Perryman

What has led to the explosion of interest in the game? Where have the hooligans of the 1970s and 1980s gone? Both celebration and exploration, Ingerland is a thought-provoking and evocative account of what it means to support the national team, and what that says about England's place in an increasingly disunited Kingdom.

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Pelé: The Autobiography


Even if you don't know a thing about football, you know the name Pelé. The world's greatest footballer now gives us the full story of his incredible life and career. Covering all aspects of his playing days and his subsequent careers as politician, international sporting ambassador and cultural icon this is an essential volume for all sports fans, and anyone who admires true rarity of spirit.

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Calcio: A History of Italian Football

John Foot

Calcio tells the story of Italian football from its origins in the 1890s to the present day, recounting great players and teams, of style, passion and success, but also the violence, cynicism, catenaccio tactics and corruption. The first history written in English, it's a mix of serious analysis and comic storytelling, with vivid descriptions of games, goals, dives, missed penalties, riots and scandals in the richest and toughest league in the world.

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The Thinking Fan's Guide to the World Cup

Matt Weiland and Sean Wilsey, Eds.

A World Cup guide for the more pensive kind of fan, this book is an almanac, a guide and a programme all rolled into one. The editors have gathered together an all-star roster of 32 talents to write pieces on the 32 qualifying teams. Contributors include Geoff Dyer, Dave Eggers, Peter Ho Davies, Nick Hornby, John Lanchester, Henning Mankell, Tim Parks, Caryl Phillips, and Eric Schlosser.

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Behind the Curtain: Football in Eastern Europe

Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson has travelled extensively behind the old Iron Curtain, viewing life beyond the fall of the Berlin Wall through the lens of football. Where once the state controlled teams of the Eastern bloc passed their way with crisp efficiency -- a sort of communist version of total football -- to considerable success on the European and international stages, today the beautiful game in the East has been opened up to the free market, and throughout the region a sense of chaos pervades.

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How Football Explains the World

Franklin Foer

Franklin Foer investigates the role of football in today's world. He examines the game's role in sustaining ancient hatreds and rivalries; in supporting the migration of players and the rise of the football oligarchs; and in defending the virtues and vices of old-fashioned nationalism. The result is an insightful investigation, and a uniquely revealing tour of the politics and culture of football from Milan to Tehran.

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