A Taste of Food Literature

Hungry for a new book? Food Literature - books about food - is being hailed by critics and foodies alike as the new emerging trend in the book world. AbeBooks is pleased to highlight a selection of some of the bestselling titles.

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If you think you’ve read the classics of food literature... reconsider... here are ten little-known classics for the hungry mind. [Read More]
by AbeBooks bookseller Janet Jarvits, owner of Cook Books



Robbing the BeesRobbing the Bees
Holley Bishop

From the temples of the Nile to the hives behind the author's own house, people have had a long, rapturous love affair with the beehive and the seductive, addictive honey it produces. Combining passionate research, rich detail, and fascinating anecdote, Holley Bishop's Robbing the Bees is an in-depth, sumptuous look at the oldest, most delectable food in the world.

All Editions: �6.65 - �55.39


Kitchen ConfidentialKitchen Confidential
Anthony Bourdain

When Chef Anthony Bourdain wrote Don't Eat Before You Read This in The New Yorker, he spared no one's appetite, revealing what goes on behind the kitchen door. In Kitchen Confidential, he expanded that appetizer into a deliciously funny, delectable shocking banquet that lays out his 25 years of sex, drugs, and haute cuisine.

All Editions: �1.50 - £278.80


Garlic and SapphiresGarlic and Sapphires
Ruth Reichl

Garlic and Sapphires is Ruth Reichl's account of her experience undercover in her position as food critic for The New York Times. She throws back the curtain on the sumptuously appointed stages of the epicurean world to reveal the comic absurdity, artifice and excellence there, giving us (along with some of her favorite recipes and reviews) her remarkable reflections on role playing and identity.

All Editions: �7.75 - �24.92


Will Write For FoodWill Write For Food
Dianne Jacob

Comprehensive yet accessible chapters range from restaurant reviewing to cookbooks to memoirs. Focused exercises at the end of chapters stimulate creativity, help organize thought, and build practical skills. Will Write for Food is the first and ultimate ins and outs guidebook to the incredibly popular world of food writing.

All Editions: �4.43 - �8.86


Finding Betty CrockerFinding Betty Crocker
Susan Marks

What is it about Betty? In answering the question of why everyone was buying what she was selling, author Susan Marks offers an entertaining, charming, and utterly unique look-through words and images-at an American icon situated between profound symbolism and classic kitchen kitsch.

All Editions: �10.00 - �52.45


On Food and CookingOn Food and Cooking
Harold McGee

The revised and updated twentieth anniversary edition of the classic On Food and Cooking, features ninety percent new material, which addresses the culinary mechanics, mysteries, and trends of the past twenty years. Generously spiced with historical and literary anecdotes, this undisputed classic of great gastronomic writing discusses all the major food categories and has become established as the work that combines culinary lore and scientific explanations in one authoritative book.

All Editions: �5.00 - �76.05


The Man Who Ate EverythingThe Man Who Ate Everything
Jeffrey Steingarten

Funny, outrageous, passionate, and unrelenting, Vogue's food writer, Jeffrey Steingarten, will stop at nothing, as he makes clear in these forty delectable pieces. Whether he is in search of a foolproof formula for sourdough bread (made from wild yeast, of course) or the most sublime French fries (the secret: cooking them in horse fat) or the perfect piecrust (Fannie Farmer—that is, Marion Cunningham—comes to the rescue), he will go to any length to find the answer.

All Editions: �3.95 - �34.64


Fast Food NationFast Food Nation
Eric Schlosser

Fast food has hastened the malling of our landscape, widened the chasm between rich and poor, fueled an epidemic of obesity, and propelled American cultural imperialism abroad. That's a lengthy list of charges, but Eric Scholsser makes them stick with an artful mix of first-rate reportage, wry wit, and careful reasoning.

All Editions: �3.78 - �100.00

Salt: A World HistorySalt: A World History
Mark Kurlansky

Homer called salt a divine substance. Plato described it as especially dear to the gods. Today we take it for granted; however, as Mark Kurlansky so brilliantly relates in this world-encompassing book, salt-the only rock we eat-has shaped civilization from the very beginning. Its story is a glittering, often surprising part of the history of mankind.

All Editions: �2.36 - �36.00


Last Chance to EatLast Chance to Eat
Gina Mallet

In the last fifty years, we have gone from loving food to fearing it, frightened by food science and spooked by medical doctors, and so old familiar foods and recipes, the threads of community, are being lost. Lingering over every sensual memory of forgotten taste, Mallet traces the vicissitudes of five popular foods, their history and their predicament.

All Editions: �9.44 - �25.89


Fork it OverFork It Over
Alan Richman

Alan Richman has dined in more unlikely locations and devoured more tasting menus than any three other food critics combined. Over the decades, his editors have complained incessantly about his expense accounts but never about his appetite. He has reviewed restaurants in all the best Communist countries (China, Vietnam, Cuba) and supped heartily all over the free world.

All Editions: �2.20 - �31.40


Poet of the AppetitesPoet of the Appetites: The Lives and Loves
of M.F.K. Fisher

Joan Reardon

In more than thirty books, M. F. K. Fisher forever changed the way Americans understood not only the art of eating but also the art of living. Whether considering the oyster or describing how to cook a wolf, she addressed the universal needs "for food and security and love." Readers were instantly drawn into her circle of husbands and lovers, artists and artisans; they felt they knew Fisher herself.

All Editions: �10.34 - �18.00


CodCod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World
Mark Kurlansky

How influential has the codfish been in the world's history? Wars have been fought over it, entire regional diets have been founded on it, the settlement of North America was based on it — and just recently a war nearly broke out on the high seas over it. Who knew? In Mark Kurlansky's fascinating book Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World, the author offers a fascinating new perspective on world history.

All Editions: �5.90 - �94.43


Cookoff: Recipe Fever in AmericaCookoff: Recipe Fever in America
Amy Sutherland

Across America, amateur chefs cross spatulas at more than a thousand competitions covering numerous states and a pantry full of ingredients. Following a small group of contestants for a year on the contest circuit, journalist Amy Sutherland introduces us to well-known cookoff luminaries as well as some of the most bizarre cooks and recipes at local and national contests across the country.

All Editions: �1.15 - �24.99


Stand Facing the StoveStand Facing the Stove
Anne Mendelson

In 1931, Irma S. Rombauer, a recent widow, took her life savings and self-published a cookbook that she hoped might support her family. Little did she know that her book would go on to become America's most beloved cooking companion. Thus was born the bestselling Joy of Cooking, and with it, a culinary revolution that continues to this day.

All Editions: �1.00 - �539.10