Ever walk into a bookstore and ask the clerk to recommend a good book based on what you've recently read? Well, AbeBooks BookHints is a community forum dedicated to providing you with precisely that kind of personalized recommendation for your next great read.

To get book recommendations based on your own personal tastes, simply post a list of 5 book titles that you've recently read and enjoyed, or post your 5 favourite books of all time. Based on the list you post, our community of book lovers and booksellers - actual human beings! - will respond to recommend a book (or books) that they believe you will enjoy.

Books recommended by real people - no algorithms!

To join the conversation, simply visit AbeBooks BookHints and explore. The Getting Started with BookHints post, near the top of the page, will help get you started.

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What is the best, worst, or most surprising book you've ever read based on a recommendation?