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Books About Books

Calling all booklovers and collectors! Find all-too-familiar tales of bibliophiles and bibliomanes, delve deeper into the history of the book or brush up on collecting modern firsts. Thanks to our community of booksellers for providing us with the majority of these suggestions of books about books!

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A Gentle MadnessA Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Books
Nicholas Basbanes
The passion to possess books has never been more widespread than it is today; indeed, obsessive book collecting remains the only hobby to have a disease named after it. A Gentle Madness, finalist for the 1995 National Book Critics Circle award, is an adventure among the afflicted.
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Modern Book Collecting
Robert A. Wilson

When appreciation for the written word evolves into passion, the next logical step is to collect first and rare editions. Modern Book Collecting is recognized as the definitive introduction to book collecting, with key information for both novice and veteran collectors about starting and maintaining a book collection.
All Books By Jonathan Harthan


Used and Rare: Travels in the Book World
Lawrence & Nancy Goldstone
When Nancy tracked down a ten-dollar copy of War and Peace in order to win a birthday bet with Larry, the Goldstones' love affair with old books began. Over the next three years they haunted every used and rare bookshop between New York and Boston that they could find, from dingy, dust-filled barns to elegant Park Avenue galleries.
All Books By Nancy & Lawrence Goldstone
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Book Finds
Ian C. Ellis
Collecting books today can be surprisingly easy-and surprisingly profitable. This insider's guide to the world of the used and rare book market shows how to find the best deals. It's everything the novice or the expert needs to know
All Books By Ian C. Ellis


Burs Under the Saddle: A Second Look at Books and Histories of the West
Ramon F. Adams

All Books By Ramon F. Adams
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The Professor and the Madman
Simon Winchester
The creation of the Oxford English Dictionary began in 1857, took seventy years to complete, drew from tens of thousands of brilliant minds, and organized the sprawling language into 414,825 precise definitions. But hidden within the rituals of its creation is a fascinating and mysterious story - a story of two remarkable men whose strange twenty-year relationship lies at the core of this historic undertaking.
All Books By Simon Winchester
Recommended By Thoreau's Used Books


Slightly Chipped: Footnotes in Booklore
Lawrence & Nancy Goldstone

More than a sequel, Slightly Chipped: Footnotes in Booklore is a companion piece for Used and Rare. Slightly Chipped details the warm and witty story of Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone's further explorations into the curious world of books.
All Books By Lawrence & Nancy Goldstone


How A Book Is MadeHow a Book is Made
The various steps in the making of a book can differ from one publishing house to another. This book show how this book was made.
All Books By Aliki
Recommended by Elzena's Bookshop


The History of the Illustrated Book: The Western Tradition
Jonathan Harthan

Pomp and circumstance, epic fantasy, travel, romance, meditation, history, satire,erotic intrigue: books throughout history, from papyrus to paperback, have used images to reinforce words. Manuscripts and printed books have been illustrated in every Western artistic style, and the artists represented in this classic survey range from ancient Egypt to modern Manhattan, from the Master of the Leaping Figures to Henri Matisse.
All Books By Jonathan Harthan
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Lincoln Collector: The Story of Oliver R. Barrett's Great Private Collection
Carl Sandburg

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