AbeBooks 2006 in Review Booklovers, booksellers and authors had an extremely busy year in 2006, and consequently so did AbeBooks. From the obsession with Dan Brown to top book sales to shocking industry scandals, AbeBooks presents a wrap-up of highlights from 2006.

Most Expensive Books Sold on AbeBooks.com

The Little Prince

Which book - at a cool $25,000 US - topped the list as the most expensive title sold on AbeBooks.com this year?

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Most Searched for Authors on AbeBooks.co.uk

Agatha Christie

Some of these authors are obvious list-makers, but find out what other writers are popular on AbeBooks.

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Bestselling Secondhand Books on AbeBooks.co.uk

In Cold Blood

Secondhand books are the backbone of AbeBooks. Which previously loved titles topped booklovers' purchases in 2006?

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Book Highlights For 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Relive 2006 AbeBooks-style with this month-by-month retrospective of book blockbuster news - everything from big dollars to big industy scandals.

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