Relive 2006, AbeBooks-style with this month-by-month recap of notable book highlights.

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January - James Frey dominates the headlines after being accused of plagiarism. Today, a signed first edition, first printing of A Million Little Pieces is being offered for $579 on AbeBooks.

February - A first edition of the autobiographical Life on the Mississippi, considered by Mark Twain to be his masterpiece, sells for $3,300.

March - A signed and numbered first edition of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower (I) The Gunslinger sells for $7,500.
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April - A set of 12 George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman books, all signed, sells for $4,920.

May - AbeBooks sells the world's most expensive copy of The Da Vinci Code for $4,260, a signed first edition, first printing of Dan Brown's mega-seller.

June - AbeBooks celebrates its 10th anniversary and launches a series of fake Not-Books, including Whoops. I Was Wrong by G.W. Bush Buy a Collectable Copy

July - A first edition of George Orwell's 1984 sells for $8,264

August - Snakes On A Plane is the big movie but AbeBooks has Snakes In Its Shop.

September - AbeBooks' inventory reaches 100 million books for the first time in the company's 10-year history when A Checklist of the Vertebrate Animals of Kansas is uploaded. AbeBooks continues to have the largest selection of books for sale anywhere in the world.

October - The Guardian writes a leader article called In Praise of AbeBooks...
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November - OJ Simpson's If I Did It becomes the second most searched for book on AbeBooks for the seven days following the book's cancellation by its publisher.

December - Five signed copies of Penguin's Desinger Classics are auctioned for $13,775 in AbeBooks' first ever book auction. All proceeds from the auction were donated to English PEN - a charity devoted to author's rights and freedom in literature.

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