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For over 700 years, authors and publishers have been creating books with moving parts. Today, pop-up books are cherished and collected by young and old alike. We asked our booksellers to tell us about their special pop-up books. From Snow White to the Kama Sutra, here are their picks.

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Kids' Collectables

I Wonder What's Under There?I Wonder What's Under There?
Deborah Nourse Lattimore
Recommended by Reading Rat, Winnipeg, MB

1998. A lift-the-flap illustrated "brief" history of undergarments. Paper engineering by David A. Carter.
This Edition: £8.34
All Editions: £2.33 - £40.16


Percy the Small Engine and the ScarfPercy the Small Engine and the Scarf
Rev. W. Awdry
Recommended by Kidz Books, Aberdeen, Scotland

1994. Percy the engine is in search of a neck scarf in this kids' favourite.
This Edition: £2.10
All Editions: £2.10 - £20.00


Ghosts and GhoulsGhosts and Ghouls: A Scary Pop-Up Book
Recommended by Seaview Books, Merseyside, UK

1995. Cartoon characters set around Halloween, friendly ghosts Leonardo and Harry are in for a big surprise when they try "trick or treat!"
This Edition: £9.95
All Editions: £5.75 - £20.37


Classics Revisited

Snow+WhiteSnow White
Recommended by Jackhammer Books, Saginaw, MI
1999. The pop-up version of the fairy tale favorite.
All Editions: £1.40 - £116.41


Alice's Adventures in WonderlandAlice's Adventures in Wonderland
Robert Sabuda & Lewis Carroll
Recommended by Len Unger Rare Books, Sherman Oaks, CA

2003. Sabuda's stunning creation of a childhood classic.
This Edition (1st Ltd; 163/250 numbered copies signed by Sabuda; V. Fine): £261.92
All Editions: £2.18 - £261.92


Pop-Up Mother GoosePop-Up Mother Goose
Harold Lentz
Provided by Kate Sterling, POPUPPARADISE, Petaluma, CA

1934. Blackbirds from a pie, Humpty Dumpty's fall, and Mother Goose herself are mobilized in this pop-up.
This Edition: £247.37
All Editions: £4.37 - £279.38

Adults Only

The Roaring TwentiesThe Roaring Twenties: A Spicy Pop-Up Book for Adults Only
Pete Seymour, Borje Svensson (Ill.)
Recommended by Grandmahawk's Eyrie, Northlands, West Australia

1984. Hang on to your hats and spats, for here is the book that reveals all - with passionate pop-ups, amorous pull-tabs and explicit action mechanics. Sensuously illustrated in the style of the times, this book is a spicy pop-up book for adults only. Paper engineering by Rodger Smith & Dick Dudley.
This Edition: £8.73
All Editions: £4.50 - £43.65


The Pop-Up Kama Sutra
Jonathan Biggs
Recommended by Art Longwood Books, Cambridge, MA

Two pages of pop-up excerpts from the Kama Sutra in center... a rather remarkable and unusual item.
This Edition (1st Ed.): £43.07
All Editions: £9.19 - £58.20


Of Interest

Astronauts on the MoonAstronauts on the Moon: The Story of the Apollo Moon Landings
Stanley Hendricks
Recommended by Acornbooks Northwest, Portland, OR

c1970s. This Hallmark pop-up book illustrates Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's 1969 moon landing.
This Edition: £26.16
All Editions: £3.44 - £32.01


Botticelli's Bed and Breakfast
Jan Pienkowski
Recommended by Eyrie House Books, Dracut, MA

1997. The book wraps around itself, creating an interesting castle-type home of multiple rooms. Paintings and other artwork are parodied throughout the dwelling. In the bathroom Michelangelo's David is shaving while Botticelli's Venus is in the shower. Munch's "Screamer" awakens in the bedroom. Vermeer is painting-by-numbers in the attic. It even includes a miniature guidebook to explain all 56 pieces of artwork. This is a great coffee table book and makes a wonderful gift for any person connected to the art world.
All Editions: £10.19 - £30.00


Pop-Up OlympicsPop-Up Olympics: Amazing Facts and Record Breakers
Robert Crowther
Provided by Mercury Retail, Auckland, NZ

Full of facts and records, this pop-up book aims to bring more that 25 Olympic events to life. Pull the tabs, turn the wheels and sprinters run, vaulters leap, divers spin, gymnasts swing, canoeists paddle, and there's a gold medal to wear too.
This Edition: £13.95
All Editions: £2.04 - £20.37