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Looking for a Book?
Can't remember the name of your favorite children's book? Our BookSleuth is specially designed for you. [Visit BookSleuth Now.]

We have put together a selection of some beloved children's series, authors and stories. Here, you can relive your favorite children's book. Or, perhaps you are looking for a new title to read to your child. Browse through our page and let nostalgia be your guide.



Nancy DrewChildren's Series

From the Nancy Drew series to Harry Potter. We've put together a list of some classic children's series. Search for that elusive copy of your favourite childhood book.
[Children's Series]

Best Little Word Book EverRichard Scarry

Richard Scarry is one of the most beloved children's author and illustrator. Scarry has written or illustrated over 300 books. Look through our special page devoted to Scarry and revisit the Wonderful World of Richard Scarry.
[Richard Scarry]

The English RosesCelebrity Authors

Celebrity authors are becoming mainstream in the world of children's books. With the enormous success of the Harry Potter series, more and more celebrities are taking the opportunity to tell their stories to children.
[Celebrity Authors]

The Little Red HenLittle Golden Books

The little Golden Books series has been a household name since 1942. These, colourful and study books with their trademard spines have delighted both children and adults. Take a look at the selection we've provided and see if you can find your favourite Little Golden Book.
[Little Golden Books]

Favorite Children's Book
What's your favorite childhood book? Who's your favorite author? Which children's book do you think is the all time best book ever written? Discuss it in our Community Forum.