An English Girls First Impressions of Burham by Beth Ellis

The thrill of travel is nothing new. Exploring the world - and writing about the adventure - starts as early as the 8th century BC with Homer's Odyssey, an epic poem accounting the travels of the Greek hero, Ulysses, on his voyage home from Troy.

To some, Karl Baedeker is the grandfather of travelogue writing. Baedeker guidebooks have been published since 1832 and to this day remain at the top of their publishing niche. Many other famous people have followed in Baedeker's footsteps including Mark Twain, Herman Melville, Henry James and Richard Haliburton. Certainly the most popular travel writer in modern times is Bill Bryson, best known for his works including, I'm a Stranger Here Myself, In a Sunburned Country and A Walk in the Woods.

AbeBooks has an immense selection of travelogues that will put the travel bug into the most dedicated couch potato. From the beautifully designed An English Girls First Impressions of Burmah to Winston S. Churchill's My African Journey, to a first edition copy of Baedeker's guide to Switzerland, you are bound to find a book that will whisk you away on a trip around the world.

Tantalizing Travelogues

My African Journey by Winston S. Churchill
My African Journey
Winston S. Churchill
First edition copy of Switzerland by Karl Baedeker
Karl Baedeker
Adventures in Nakedness by Julian Strange
Adventures in Nakedness
Julian Strange
The Silverado Squatters by Robert Louis Stevenson
The Silverado Squatters
Robert Louis Stevenson
Our Own Baedeker from the New Yorker by Eugene Kinkead and Russell Maloney
Our Own Baedeker from the New Yorker
Eugene Kinkead and Russell Maloney
The Flying Carpet by Richard Halliburton
The Flying Carpet
Richard Halliburton
Arabian Sands by Wilfred Thesiger
Arabian Sands
Wilfred Thesiger
The Land of the Dragon by William Spencer Percival
The Land of the Dragon
William Spencer Percival
The Path to Rome by Hilaire Belloc
The Path to Rome
Hilaire Belloc
Hong Kong by Jan Morris
Jan Morris
Sailing Through China by Paul Theroux
Sailing Through China
Paul Theroux
In Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin
In Patagonia
Bruce Chatwin
A Ride to Khiva by Colonel Fred Burnaby
A Ride to Khiva
Colonel Fred Burnaby
Where the River Runs Dry by Michael H. Mason
Where the River Runs Dry
Michael H. Mason
The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson
The Lost Continent
Bill Bryson

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