Military history - the forgotten books

For a second, put aside Antony Beevor, John Keegan, Stephen Ambrose and the other popular writers in today’s military history genre and delve into the past. Countless books about conflicts, soldiering and warfare have slipped into obscurity. Many go out-of-print very quickly but our worldwide network of used and rare booksellers ensures these books can still be found. This selection of forgotten gems includes a regimental history, memoirs from combatants, books from guerilla fighters, five-star generals and an Apache warrior, and even a contribution from Mrs. Custer.

Military books

By General Charles de Gaulle
First English version came in 1940. The French edition was 1934. It predicted mechanised warfare.
By W. Charles Goe
A long-forgotten 1947 self-published account of a navy chaplain′s experiences in World War II.
By M.E, Clifton James
Published in 1955, the author′s likeness to Field Marshall Montgomery ensured a unique experience.
By Jason Betzinez, W.S. Nye
Betzinez was related to the famous Apache warrior - an excellent memoir from 1959.
By Stephen Perry Jocelyn
Perry Jocelyn was a frontier soldier and Indian fighter. Published in 1953 and written by his son.
By Herbert W McBride
Published in 1935, McBride recounts his experiences with the Canadian Corps in World War I.
By Field Marshall Montgomery
Published in 1961, look out for copies signed "Montgomery of Alamein".
By Major H.B.C Pollard
A comprehensive guide to weaponry first published in the 1920s.
By Arthur W. Little
An amazing book published in 1936 about the Negro regiment that served in World War I.
By Elizabeth B. Custer
Custer′s widow was a prolific writer and speaker after the death of her husband at the Little Bighorn.
By Curt Wachtel
Published in 1941, this book looks at the various gases used in chemical warfare.
By Bennet Burleigh
An obscure book from 1905 detailing the Japan-Russo conflict. Gilt pictorial cover.


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