Shock! Horror! Terror! Time to get under the bed and cower. No, we're not talking about the evening news, but THE MONSTERS OF YESTERYEAR! Make no mistake, these fearsome brutes will terrify and stupefy you. Stay out of the water unless you want to come face to fins with The Monster Fish, or grapple with The Monster of the Lagoon, or let the Killer Crabs get the pinch on you, or worst of all....fall prey to The Slime Beast!

And you're not safe on Earth or in space, either - it's a gruesome galaxy of galactic gore with the likes of The Invaders from Rigel, and The Creature from Beyond Infinity!

Whether with tentacles or webbed feet, laser-vision or antennae, these monsters are here to conquer the Earth, and everyone on it. With fantastically illustrated covers festooned with dames in distress, killer robots, alien interlopers and much more, there's nowhere safe to hide from these vintage villainous volumes. Hearken back to the days of The Thing, The Blob, and other hilariously scary beasts bent on destruction. They're campy! They're kitschy! They're collectable!


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Bring on the Creeps:

Gorgo by Carson Bingham
Carson Bingham
Killer Crabs by Guy N. Smith
Killer Crabs
Guy N. Smith
The Slime Beast by Guy N. Smith
The Slime Beast
Guy N. Smith
The Metal Monster by Belli Luigi
The Metal Monster
Belli Luigi
The Moon Monsters by Roy Marquis
The Moon Monsters
Roy Marquis
Invader from Space by Patrick Moore
Invader from Space
Patrick Moore
The Valley of the Worm by Robert E. Howard
The Valley of the Worm
Robert E. Howard
The Monster Fish by B.B. (Denys Watkins-Pitchford)
The Monster Fish
B.B. (Denys Watkins-Pitchford)
The Moon Moth and Other Stories by Jack Vance
The Moon Moth and Other Stories*
Jack Vance

*not a true monster story
Invaders from Rigel by Fletcher Pratt
Invaders from Rigel
Fletcher Pratt
The Killer Thing by Kate Wilhelm
The Killer Thing
Kate Wilhelm
Fangs by William Dobson
William Dobson
Lord of the Spiders by Michael Moorcock
Lord of the Spiders
Michael Moorcock
Invaders from the Infinite by John W. Campbell
Invaders from the Infinite
John W. Campbell
Corey's Sea Monster by Rutherford G. Montgomery
Corey's Sea Monster
Rutherford G. Montgomery
The Thing by John W. Campbell
The Thing
John W. Campbell
The Beasts from Beyond by Manly Wade Wellman
The Beasts from Beyond
Manly Wade Wellman
The Strange Invaders by David William (Alun) Llewellyn
The Strange Invaders
David William (Alun) Llewellyn
The Fallible Fiend by L. Sprague De Camp
The Fallible Fiend
L. Sprague De Camp
Mutants by Robert Silverberg (ed.)
by Robert Silverberg (ed.)
Invaders of Earth by Groff Conklin (ed.)
Invaders of Earth
Groff Conklin (ed.)

Ed Emsh - Legendary Science Fiction Illustrator:

What ghastly ghoul from the depths of a book did we accidentally overlook?

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