The Paris Review

The Paris Review, one of the great literary magazines, is still going strong after more than 50 years of showcasing writers and their work. From Hemingway to Steinbeck, from Roth to McEwan, virtually every modern author of substance has been featured in this quarterly magazine that is dedicated to unearthing inspirational creative writing.

Discover the secret of The Paris Review’s longevity in an interview with the magazine’s editor Philip Gourevitch. [Read the interview]

Ernest Hemingway discusses the art of writing in an interview with The Paris Review in 1958. [Read an excerpt]

An interview with ninety-one and a half year old P.G. Wodehouse in 1975. [Read an excerpt]

William S. Burroughs talks about the visions of art versus the visions of drugs in 1965. [Read an excerpt]

With more than 50 years under its belt, original issues of The Paris Review are now highly collectible. Each issue is a slice of literary history. [Click here to see the issues available on AbeBooks]