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The People's Leaders, The Central People's Government Committee of the People's Republic of China
Chinese propaganda poster of chairman Mao

A little known secret about AbeBooks is that thousands of collectable vintage posters can be found for sale on the website. Posters offer amazing insights into popular culture, the history of art, politics (including all the fascinating aspects of propaganda), war and commerce, but they rarely survive the passage of time.

The very act of displaying a poster can signal its end when it is removed or replaced. Posters from decades past that escape undamaged are treasured. Browse our amazing selection of posters – experience Jimi Hendrix, go on the campaign trail with Winnie and Dwight, learn about the differences between German and British airships, map out Middle Earth, hop into Scorsese’s taxi, and buy war bonds with Dr Seuss. And if these vintage posters from bygone eras are out of your price range, don’t despair – we are also showcasing 20 very affordable books dedicated to some of the most memorable posters ever printed.

Step back and enjoy one of the most powerful communication mediums of the past 200 years.

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