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Some people think pop-up books are too good for children.  They are elaborate and they are delicate. In many respects, they are ‘engineered’ rather than designed. Take One Red Dot by David A Carter, who is one of the leading lights among paper engineers, for example.

Branded as a pop-up book for children of all ages, One Red Dot has a complex piece of art on each of the 10 spreads. The yellow and red cover catches the eye and then the rising artwork takes over – a puzzling box, twisting twirling gigs, burning baskets, flip-flop flaps, wiggle-wobble widgets, fluttering flicker clickers, obedient orbs which is probably the best spread, nimble nines and finally coiling curly cues. Each sculpture hides a single red dot.

Red, black, yellow, white and blue abound in vivid brightness but the actual pop-up mechanisms are extremely complicated and fascinating. About One Red Dot, he told an interviewer at Powells: “With this book, I want you to touch the art.”

One Red Dot Limited Edition
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One Red Dot (Limited Edition) by David A. Carter

Carter, who hails from California, is the author or illustrator of more than 70 pop-up books and he’s acclaimed for his use of color, shape and surfaces. Some call him the king of the pop-ups. Blue 2 and 600 Black Spots are another two pop-up books that might appeal to adults as well as children.

He is best known for How Many Bugs in a Box? – an insect-themed book for preschoolers published in 1987. He followed it up with More Bugs in Boxes in 1990. There have also been Giggle Bugs: A Lift-and-Laugh Book, The Twelve Bugs of Christmas: A Pop-Up Christmas Counting Book and Easter Bugs: A Springtime Pop-Up.

His 1989 book for preschoolers, What's in My Pocket?, uses five animals whose heads rise as the pages are turned. Flapdoodle Dinosaurs: A Colorful Pop-Up Book puts dinosaurs in a modern setting. Who Took the Cookie From the Cookie Jar? is another gem not to be missed.

If you want to learn more about being a paper engineer, check out Carter’s book, Elements Of Pop Up: A Pop Up Book For Aspiring Paper Engineers, which he co-wrote with James Diaz. Apparently pop-up books have been around for 700 years.

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