Coloring Books for Adults

Sick of screaming children? Fed up with never-ending emails? Bothered by the boss? Worried about deadlines? Fretting over money? Life should not be like this. Turn to art and relax - we have the world's largest selection of colouring books for adults just waiting for you.

Colouring books for grown-ups are now bestsellers. Publishers are talking about having sold millions of copies this year. Fans are even forming colouring clubs and colouring events are taking place. Colouring book artists, like Johanna Basford, are winning international acclaim.

"It's a phenomenon," Christine Carswell, publisher of Chronicle Books, told Yahoo News. "I've been in publishing for 30 years and I've never seen anything like it."

Artist Steve McDonald, who created Fantastic Cities, added: "The idea that I'm presenting these drawings to people all over the planet and asking them to finish the drawing with their own colour, to me that's incredibly exciting."

The current colouring-book craze began in 2013 when Scottish illustrator Basford published Secret Garden. It started with a print run of just 16,000 copies but has since sold nearly six million. Many are attributing the success of colouring books to their unplugged nature, which gives their owners the chance to disconnect from the technology that dominates everyday existence.

The biggest trend in books is actually nothing new - art therapy has been around for more than 100 years. Carl Jung used art as a relaxation technique for his patients. Colouring books have proved particularly popular with parents who use them to unwind after their young children have gone to bed. Of course, parents also have easy access to their children's crayons and felt-tip pens.

Recommended Colouring Books for Adults

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Natalie Hughes

My Wonderful World of Shoes by Nina Chakrabarti My Wonderful World of Shoes

Nina Chakrabarti

The Illuminated Alphabet by Theodore Menten The Illuminated Alphabet

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