The Case of the Curious Bride by Erle Stanley Gardner

With all due respect to Prince William, weddings are really about the bride.  Authors agree. There are few novels about bridegrooms but there are thousands about brides. In fact, AbeBooks has almost 150,000 listings where the word ‘bride’ is mentioned in the title.

Famously in literature, brides have worn black, or married Fu Manchu, or been murdered, or been the bride of the devil.  There’s been a princess bride, a mermaid bride, a bartered bride and a spectral bride. (Also Marshall McLuhan also wrote about The Mechanical Bride but that’s a completely different kettle of fish.)  Although the future King of England found his wife, Kate Middleton, at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland, brides in fiction have come from Innisfallen, Newgate and Broadway.

This selection of bridal-themed literature does not enter the realm of Harlequin or Mills & Boon romance. AbeBooks has almost 30,000 listings of Harlequin books with bride in the title alone. We were rather overwhelmed by the sheer number of books about outlaw brides, cowboy brides, pirate brides, brides for doctors and cover designs featuring rugged young men, who have misplaced their shirt, firmly taking a bride-to-be into their muscular arms.

In fact, romance takes a backseat in many of these books on our selection as murder, mystery, family upheaval and tragedy lead the way. Not all couples live happily ever after as these books show. We have a little Eudora Welty, Sax Rohmer, John Dickson Carr, H.E. Bates, Erle Stanley Gardner and M.C. Beaton, the creator of sleuth Agatha Raisin, as well.

Books About Brides

Bride from Broadway by Faith Baldwin
Bride from Broadway
Faith Baldwin
The Bride and the Bugatti by Nicole De Buron
The Bride and the Bugatti
Nicole De Buron
The Tragic Bride by Francis Brett Young
The Tragic Bride
Francis Brett Young
The Headhunter's Bride by B.H. Pearson
The Headhunter's Bride
B. H. Pearson
Bride of the Night by Louise Gerard
Bride of the Night
Louise Gerard
The Bride Wore Black by William Irish, (Cornell Woolrich)
The Bride Wore Black
William Irish (Cornell Woolrich)
The Bride of Newgate by John Dickson Carr
The Bride of Newgate
John Dickson Carr
The Spectral Bride by Joseph Shearing
The Spectral Bride
Joseph Shearing
The Bride Wore Overalls by Carol Holliston
The Bride Wore Overalls
Carol Holliston
Father of the Bride by Edward Streeter
Father of the Bride
Edward Streeter
The Bartered Bride by Mrs Patrick MacGill (Margaret Gibbons)
The Bartered Bride
Mrs Patrick MacGill (Margaret Gibbons)
The Princess Bride by William Goldman
The Princess Bride
William Goldman
The Bride Stealer by Frank O�Rourke
The Bride Stealer
Frank O�Rourke
Murder for the Bride by John D MacDonald
Murder for the Bride
John D. MacDonald
The Make Believe Bride by Beulah Poynter
The Make Believe Bride
Beulah Poynter

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