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American Ornithology Or, the natural history of the birds of the United States by A. WilsonWelcome to the Beautiful Book Boutique. AbeBooks has millions of books, many of which are rare books, collectible books, antiquarian books or unique books. They range in subject from medical texts to children's nursery rhymes, Latin prayer to pop-up books. And every day, thousands sell and thousands more are added from booksellers all over the world.

Our current feature is beautiful old bird books. From owls to ornithology and beaks to bills, our feathered friends show up on our most expensive lists with some frequency. Our most expensive bird book sale in 2009 was Ootheca Wolleyana: An Illustrated Catalogue of the Collection of Birds' Eggs, begun by the late John Wolley, Jun., M.A., F.Z.S., and continued with additions, by the editor, Alfred Newton which sold for £3,489.

Whatever your passion, be it art and coloured plates of birds, ornithology, birdwatching, care of pet birds or just books with amazing, bird-themed covers, we have a collectable bird book here sure to ruffle feathers.

Please note: prices are approximate to within a small margin, as currencies fluctuate. Quantity on rare books extremely limited; copies on display may sell quickly.

The Go-Away Bird by Muriel Spark
The Go-Away Bird
Muriel Spark


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Humming Birds by Mary & Elizabeth Kirby
Humming Birds
Mary & Elizabeth Kirby


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The Blue Bird: A Fairy Play by Maurice Maeterlinck
The Blue Bird
Maurice Maeterlinck


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The Speaking Parrots by Karl Russ
The Speaking Parrots
Karl Russ


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All in the Sun by Christophine Goddard
All in the Sun
Christophine Goddard

£52.83 (Sold)

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Birds of Israel [Hebrew title: Tziporei Eretz Yisrael]. by R. Inbar. Charts by Dr. N. W. Cusa.
Birds of Israel
R. Inbar


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The Cloud Bird by Margaret C. Getchell
The Cloud Bird
Margaret C. Getchell


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ABC of Birds
ABC of Birds

£46.64 (Sold)

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The Bird and Insects Post-Office by Robert Bloomfield
The Bird and Insects' Post-Office
Robert Bloomfield

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The Cockyolly Bird by Mabel Dearmer
The Cockyolly Bird
Mabel Dearmer


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Birds of Britain by J.L. Bonhote
Birds of Britain
J.L. Bonhote


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Babar's Visit to Bird Island by Dr. Laurent Brunoff
Babar's Visit to Bird Island
Dr. Laurent Brunoff


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Wise and Otherwise by R.M. Rhoads
Wise and Otherwise
R.M. Rhoads

£41.83 (Sold)

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My Book of Birds by Frederick Warne
My Book of Birds
Frederick Warne


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Chanticleer Rag by Richard Grant
Chanticleer Rag
Richard Grant


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The New Day: A poem in songs and sonnets by Richard Watson Gilder
The New Day: A Poem in Songs and Sonnets
Richard Watson Gilder


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Peacock Pie by Walter De La Mare
Peacock Pie
Walter De La Mare


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A Book of Baby Birds by B. Parker
A Book of Baby Birds
B. Parker


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Birds of the British Empire by W. T. Greene
Birds of the British Empire
W.T. Greene

£35.00 (Sold)

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Our Birds of Prey by Henry G. Vennor
Our Birds of Prey
Henry G. Vennor


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An Australian Bird Calendar by E.S. Emerson
An Australian Bird Calendar
E.S. Emerson

£200.70 (Sold)

The White Owl by Edmund Snell
The White Owl
Edmund Snell


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Familiar Wild Birds: Series 1-4 by W. Swaysland
Familiar Wild Birds
W. Swaysland


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