Take-Off! by Irwin Franklyn - published in 1930. This copy: 430
by Irwin R. Franklyn

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Ah, the miracle of flight. From dirigibles and fixed-wing early airplanes to 747s and fighter jets, human beings have rejoiced in the wonder of aviation since we first succeeded in slipping the surly bonds of Earth. The human fascination with flight has been well documented in novels and non-fiction alike.

We've found some real beauties of examples of books about aviation and flying machines from years and years ago, when flight was brand new, or at least when it was still exciting, classy and full of wonder, and didn't come with a thimble of water, four foil-wrapped peanuts and a cattle prod. Have a look and take wing with these beautiful books about flying machines.

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The Miracle of Flight

Around the world in Ten Days by Chelsea Curtis Fraser
Around the World in Ten Days
Chelsea Curtis Fraser

This copy: £13
Visibility Unlimited by Dick Grace
Visibility Unlimited
Dick Grace

This copy: £62
Mossyface: A Romance of the Air by W.E. Johns AKA William Earle
William Earle

This copy: £5000
Jingleman Jack; Aviator by Marion L. McNeil
Jingleman Jack: Aviator
Marion l. McNeil

This copy: £39
Flight by Irwin R. Franklyn
Irwin R. Franklyn

This copy: £82
The Great Book of Aeroplanes by G.G. Jackson
The Great Book of Aeroplanes
G.G. Jackson

This copy: £13
The Flying Cowboys by George E. Rochester
The Flying Cowboys
George E. Rochester

This copy: £25
Getting Them Into the Blue by Ernest K. Gann
Getting Them Into the Blue
Ernest K. Gann

This copy: £347
Ace High by W.E. Johns
Ace High
W.E. Johns

This copy: £128
The Silver Death by George Gibbs
The Silver Death
George Gibbs

This copy: £49
La Navigation Aerienne by Joseph Lecornu
La Navigation Aerienne (French)
Joseph Lecornu

This copy: £103
Through the Overcast: The Art of Instrument Flying by Assen Jordanoff
Through the Overcast
Assen Jordanoff

This copy: £33
The Great Aeroplane: A Thrilling Tale of Adventure by F.S. Brereton
The Great Aeroplane: A Thrilling Tale of Adventure
F.S. Brereton

This copy: £24
We by Charles Lindbergh
Charles Lindbergh

This copy: £56
Max Immelmann, The Eagle of Lille by Franz Immelmann
Max Immelmann, The Eagle of Lille
Franz Immelmann

This copy: £75
Pylon by William Faulkner
William Faulkner

This copy: £3312
Solo Flight by Jean Batten
Solo Flight
Jean Batten

This copy: £15
Sky-Riders: A Book of Famous Flyers by Harry Harper
Harry Harper

This copy: £85
Women in the Wind by Francis Walton
Women in the Wind
Francis Walton

This copy: £430
Zeppelin Adventures by Rolf Marben
Zeppelin Adventures
Rolf Marben

This copy: £57
The Boys' Book of Aeroplanes by T. O'Brien Hubbard and Charles C. Turner
The Boys' Book of Aeroplanes
T. O'Brien Hubbard and Charles C. Turner

This copy: £125
Over the Ocean to Paris by Franklin W. Dixon
Over the Ocean to Paris
Franklin W. Dixon

This copy: £56
Zeppelin by Fritz Dettmann
Zeppelin (German)
Fritz Dettman

This copy: £75
Wings Over Asia - A Geographic Journey by Airplane by Lowell Thomas
Wings Over Asia
Lowell Thomas

This copy: £43
Sky Pilot's Last Flight by K. Langford Smith
Sky Pilot's Last Flight
K. Langford Smith

This copy: £51

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