At AbeBooks we know textbooks aren’t the only thing students need to save on. Buying your secondhand textbooks online can save money, but what about everything else? Food, laundry, and clothes add up and before you know it you’re heading home with a much smaller bank account.

Check out our pages and find books on living on a small budget and many other subjects, including plenty of secondhand copies, right here. Whether you're starving and need help in the kitchen, suffering from overindulgence and need a hangover cure or heading abroad and need advice on how to travel cheap – you've come to the right place.

To get you started here are some savings tips to start on and don’t forget to check out our other pages to help you save.

Money Saving Tips for Students10 Money Saver Tips for College Students:

Housing and textbooks and tuition! Getting an education is expensive. If your piggy bank is empty, don't worry, we have some foolproof ways to save a little money while at school.

  1. Find a friend who lives off campus with their parents, resist the urge to make fun of them for still living at home, and make friends. Get invited over weekly for Sunday dinner and fatten up for the lean week to come
  2. Buffets and Tupperware containers and a good sleight of hand when the waiters aren't looking
  3. Cooking in batches for freezer meals/make one big meal on Monday and ride it for the rest of the week
  4. Watch for sales, and then buy lots and freeze
  5. Learn to love hummus
  6. Shop at discount and charity shops, and learn to sew so they fit properly. Worst case scenario? Use a stapler, Sellotape or glue to hem those £5 jeans
  7. Pre-drink before going out clubbing
  8. Do your laundry at your parent’s place
  9. Stalk the lost & found where you work
  10. When parents treat you for dinner, order an appetiser & entrée & take leftovers home for a meal next day

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