Rough Diamonds & Real Gems by R.M. Winn

Step away from metropolitan cities with their suits and coffee shops, and journey into rural Australia. The remote stations, the farmland, the bush and the arid, never-ending outback have inspired memorable novels like Euloowirree Walkabout by John Kiddell and Walkabout by James Vance Marshall. However, this selection of top-class non-fiction offers real-life stories of hardship, endurance and remote communities.

No imagination is required when reading these tales of cattlemen (and women), drovers, shearers, pioneers, travellers and other remarkable people from the bush. Enjoy the list.

25 Books of the Bush & Outback

Beyond the Big Run by Charlie Schultz & Darrell Lewis
Beyond the Big Run
Charlie Schultz & Darrell Lewis
Too Long in the Bush by Len Beadall
Too Long in the Bush
Len Beadall
Droving Days by H.M. Barker
Droving Days
H.M. Barker

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