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Alice meets Salvador… with surrealist style

Like so many of us, Salvador Dali would have enjoyed visiting Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. In 1969, the Spanish artist, famous for surreal melting clocks, illustrated Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Only 2,500 copies were produced and one of them sold for five figures last month.

Our first list of 2014 also includes a collection of rare Salman Rushdie books, a pioneering calculus book, a famous signed tale from Middle-earth and poetry.

Dali makes regular appearances on our monthly list but last month’s sale of an Alice in Wonderland was AbeBooks’ most expensive sale of a Dali item ever. Last November another copy of Dali’s Alice sold for £4,619. In January 2010, a first edition of the 1973 Dali Cookbook sold for £3,019.

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